What Is Christianity?


What Is Christianity?

What is christianity? Is it the religion of the Bible? Or does it mean more? The Bible is the basis of a Christian belief system, and Jesus himself is its core. In the Bible, Jesus commands us to repent. The Bible teaches that we are to become holy. When we do so, we become like Jesus, and in return, God gives us life, happiness, and purpose. But how do we become holy?

The New Testament teaches us that baptism is a vital part of Christianity. Peter explained how to receive salvation on the Day of Pentecost: repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. It is through this repentance that we receive the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Acts, the apostle Paul was brought to Christ by an anointed man named Ananias. When Paul was baptized, he called on the name of Jesus, thus becoming a Christian.

A recent international conference in Lausanne on the topic of demon possession focused on spiritual warfare. The event included case studies, theological studies, and practical studies that widened the Western Christian perspective on spiritual warfare. It also focused on how to deal with “demon possession” in our own lives. During this time, many Christians began to consider the idea that the Bible teaches a Christian belief in demonic possession, but they did not necessarily understand the terminology.

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