Origin of the Trinity or The God With Three Heads

Few can really explain the Trinity they accept and believe in. When research showed that it is based on sun worship and the Mother God in its original form many things fell into place.

Spirit of God Versus Religious Gods

The many gods invented by religious officials and organisations for power and control have captured the willing into their midst. The Spirit, on the other hand, has its own people who are written into the book of life from the beginning.

Where Is God When Pain and Terror Strikes?

The vineyard of God has grown and is now being harvested. The rest of the garden in which it grew is being eradicated as promised in Old Testament prophecies.

Heaven And Hell Are Without Any Real Foundation

For heaven and hell to exist they must have a presence, which they don’t. They are myths built on the ignorance and acceptance of those who are caught up in such dreams.

Christianity And Why Constantine Is 666

Constantine was one of the most evil of men. He helped to build the barrier that hides the real God and buried the truth.

Constantine and the Christian Religion

Constantine not only established the Roman Catholic Church but all of modern Christianity and the Muslim religion were from him. As an Islamist who descended from the Amors of Babylon he was brutal, violent, merciless and powerful.

Reincarnation Is a Greater Threat to Religious Power Than Evolution

Religions depend on threats of hell to get audiences. Now there is the fact of reincarnation that will remove that source of power and bring such organisations to an end.

Reincarnation Threatens Religious Leaders and Their Power

The two things that cannot stand side by side are reincarnation and the threat of hell. The latter is responsible for the power of religions and their leaders. Without it they have nothing.

Reincarnation Overturns Religious Dogma

God has allowed man’s confusion over what happens after death for a reason. It was not intended that everyone should receive eternal life. That is reserved for those who are written in the book of life and who have links to the Spirit of the Universe.

Only 38 Hours From Christ’s Death to His Resurrection According to the Bible

There are many flaws about the Jesus Christ story in the New Testament. The amazing thing is that no one questions them or takes the authors to task about the errors.

Errors in the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The bible contains spiritual prophecies that condemn the New Testament claims of Jesus Christ and the three headed god. Reincarnation and links to the Spirit has given paid to the story of his life and times and portrays the myths behind it.

False Prophets Lead People To Religions – True Prophets Lead Them to God

People are of two types, the spiritual and the non-spiritual. The latter belong to organisations that require buildings, money, displays, and large numbers to fill their congregations. The former require nothing more than the spirit within to lead and guide them.

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