For There Is No Respect of Persons With God – Romans 2:11 – But What Is a Person? – Part 1

The Biblical phrase: “God is no respecter of persons” is well known in both mainstream Christian circles and secular atheist circles as well, but have you ever stopped and questioned what it really means? Most believe it’s a reference to partiality and the idea that God is impartial when dealing with men and women, but are men and women, persons and does partiality have anything to do with this? Do you know what a person is when compared to a breathing, flesh and blood, man or woman?

The Best Weapons Kill Without Mercy and Force Acceptance and Worship of the Perpetrators

It is against normal trends to think of religions in terms of terrorism but their history speaks for itself. Heaven and hell are used to control people like puppets on a strong and they kill without mercy when passions run high.

THIS IS EMBARRASSING: I Thought Science Knew Everything!

The recent mishap with Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 in which 239 people together with the aircraft disappeared (as it were) into the thin air, is a big slap in the face of modern science. Most people were (and still are) shocked that in this day and hour with all the technological advancements, such a thing could happen and leave the whole world (including the super powers) scratching around for answers.

The Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina

LECTIO DIVINA means “sacred reading,” and it can be done as a means of spiritual contemplation toward practicing the Presence of God. For Example, when Jesus says, “Peace I leave you, my peace I give to you” (John 14:27), we can either focus on what that means theologically or we can meditate on it to deduce what Jesus is actually saying to us, in our space and time, right now. We are practicing being Present with the Messiah.

New Testament Letters Were Written to Islamic Churches

The New Testament is held up by most as a record of the life of Christ and the church he established. My research shows something completely different because the work of Constantine was based on Islamic ideology.

666 Is Trapped and There Is No Escape

It was always in God’s plan to reveal the truth at the end of the day. This is a time we are fast approaching and the identity of 666 and his work is laid bare.

Does Science Support Evolution or a Creator?

Most people who have ever lived have believed that the universe and all life on earth were created by God. It was only until recent history that a very small number of people began believing that maybe God does not exist and that we are just the result of a nearly impossible stroke of luck. But does science support this? To answer the question we must first understand that science is defined as those things that are proven to be true.

Dynamic Religions

All religions claim that religious scriptures are God’s words. God has conveyed His words 2-5 millenniums earlier. His words are sacrosanct and permanent truth. How can human beings alter or edit God’s words? The languages change over a period of time. Let us renovate our religious scriptures, with present, local languages; edit the beliefs and rituals, and devise a strategy for peaceful co-existence of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists…

Religious Discrimination Against Women Has Its Roots in Babylon

Women globally are discriminated against in one way or another. Their victimisation takes many forms as most men are so indoctrinated from birth into the standards that continue the trend.

Easter Crucifixion Celebrated Marriage of Men to Mother God of Babylon

The world has been fooled by the work of 666 and many believe in the gods he created. The Spirit has commissioned me to undo that work and to reveal the truth before the end of the time allotted to us.

Reincarnation Is Reality But It Is Buried by Religious Distortions of the Truth

Many have memory of reincarnation but they are ignored or ridiculed by those who favor the notion of an eternal existence in the sky. My recall of it is such that the Spirit has favored me with commissions and knowledge to overturn the lies that is preventing the facts from coming out.

Spiritual People Imprisoned by the Lies of 666

Many are escaping the prison built by 666 and are fleeing religion because of it. They have knowledge within that is showing them a better way.

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