Grace, The Power To Reign

Grace not only deals with the penalty of sin, but also its power. It is crazy to think that God would forgive us our sins, but still leave us under sin’s control. Grace is the power to reign in life.

Bible Lesson on Stealing

Stealing breaks God’s commandment because it is an act of selfishness. Christians have a mission to do their best to love God with all their heart and love one another as much as they love themselves..

Our True Mentor

Let the ministry gifts learn to fulfill their calling, knowing they each play an important roll in ministering the Truth. But let us not elevate the ministry gifts above our true mentor’s, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

What Is Truth?

The foundation truth is that God made and upholds everything with the Word of His power. His Word is truth. His Word is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Spirit of truth while the devil is the spirit of error. The root cause of every problem is ignorance of the truth.

Bonds of Christian Unity – The Body

When the scriptures talk of one body in Ephesians 4:4, it is reasonable to assume an expectation that Christianity will form an indivisible whole. In fact, in the same breadth, earlier in Ephesians 4:3, the author talks of unity.

Deniers Go Against GOD

There is outrage by religious people concerning gay marriage and women rights but no outrage concerning the earth. Why?

Religious Lies – Religious Power and Spiritual Imprisonment

Entrapment is horrible when one realises that it has come about by lies and false threats. When countries are governed by religious ideals there is little hope for escape.

It’s Not About Us!

It’s not about us! It’s about God. It’s about Jesus. That’s what it’s all about. It is so easy for believers to get caught up in what’s happening in the world today. Including our own lives. We worry about debt, loss of jobs, family turmoil, buying a house, etc. Then we have so much evil and hatred in the world. It’s a bit overwhelming to read all of the headlines bombarding us with bad news. The violence and crime, unspeakable and heinous acts, economic turmoil, government control, natural disasters, and strange signs.

Five Fresh Insights For Our Time From the Bible

Contrary to what some think, that the Bible is for weak men, women and children, there are good reasons why it is still the #1 all-time best-seller. For starters, consider these five reasons with relevance to our time.

Living A Life Without Limitations – Part II

How different our own lives would be “if” we would only speak what the Lord “says.” We too would defeat the deceptions and lies of Satan that have shackled us with chains of unbelief and insecurity. Yet, let us remember this – it is easy to speak positive and encouraging words when things are going well, when the sun is shining, and we have favor with all who surround us. The real test comes when every evidence of what the Lord has promised us seems to be vanishing before our eyes. It is only in this season of trial and tribulation that the real truth of what we believe emerges to shape our thoughts and forge our futures.

I Had a Dream – America Attacked!

Last night I had a very real dream, except that it was in black and white. This is very strange, due to the fact that most of my dreams are always in color. I’m not saying that it was or wasn’t a prophetic dream. But, living in the times that we are I thought best to share it. This dream pertains to America.

We Need Revival in America! And We Need It NOW!

The world is an ugly place and is moving very quickly to an even uglier place. The government control over our lives seems to be accelerating at an unbelievable pace. Apparent false flags are occurring very frequently now. The focus on Obama and his administration for their unspeakable offenses against American citizens is clouded by crimes, disasters, crises, war, and yes, even “False Flags”.

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