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Youth ministries are a time-and-time-again proven support and study system that assists youth through the turbulent time of adolescence, while assisting in building a fuller understanding of God and His scripture. Learn about your Faith and build a lifetime of understanding through church communities.

Isaiah 43 – Loved By God, Unconditionally

Isaiah 43 is a beautiful text reassuring us of the strength of God to redeem us. If only we could infuse this message within our hearts, hope would be our instinctive preference and fear would vanish.

The Twins: Lukewarm and Mixture

The rebuke to the Laodicean Church could not have been stronger. Paraphrased – “You make me sick”, yet, the word goes on to say, “I am still standing at the door ready to come in”. What is the difference between the term “mixture” and the twin truths of scripture is of the utmost importance, and it will take great wisdom and discernment to know the difference. The clearest way to detect mixture is to look for “motive”. The motive of why we do something will clearly reveal whether we are operating in “mixture” or presenting the twin truths of scripture in power and balance. To know who we are trying to please will reveal the motive. To please myself or to impress others will always bring an unholy mixture. The scripture says it like this: God said the end-time Church would be so filled with this “mixture” that He was about to spew it out of His mouth. Mixture creates Luke warmness. If we start with something that is piping hot and continue to add tap water to it, that drink will become “lukewarm”.

What Are We Chasing?

The ultimate goal of the Lord is to be able to speak to us “face to face”, and that should be our goal as well. Still, we have much to learn through the ministry of dreams and visions. I often tell others a of a very important truth regarding supernatural manifestations that the Lord gives us, and this is what I say, “Do not seek after a supernatural guidance with the Lord because, the clearer the revelation the more accountable we become to obedience, and that the Lord gives us these experiences because we are going to need them!” By that I mean, the battle is going to become so intense that we will need very clear and precise words to move through to victory.

The Cutting Edge of Truth in 2013

May the Lord grant us men and women of God who are thoroughly sound in their knowledge of the word and yet hungry for the spirit of revelation. Lord, deliver us from those who think that they are so spiritual that they have no hunger for the precious word of God. May we be delivered from those who are so flighty that their words carry little or no relevance.

Who Is The Divine Consciousness?

The Divine Consciousness, also known as God the Creator, is the omnipotent authority force that created and rules over all of creation. But who exactly is the Creator, and what is He?

Christian Assurance – True and False

Who needs to be sure these days? Just get on with life, develop a positive attitude, help a few people along the way, and the big issues, whatever they are, will take care of themselves. Sounds fine? But what if those big issues simply don’t take care of themselves? And what if I really do need to find peace with God and be absolutely sure that I have been accepted? In this article I will try to answer those questions.

The Freeing Nature of Grace

Grace was bought for us by the Princely sum of Christ’s death on the cross of Calvary. It’s not, nor could ever be, a thing that’s cheapened by the methods humanity can initiate, engineer or master. No, such a Divine thing as grace we can enjoy by plain acceptance, or take no part in.

Nehemiah Rebuilt Jerusalem

Nehemiah saw the need for the wall of Jerusalem to be rebuilt. He enlisted the help of Uzzeil, who made his living working with gold; Hannaniah, who made his living making perfume. All of chapter three in the book of Nehemiah contains the names of at least thirty others who participated in the rebuilding. This was obviously a community effort, one that took planning, patience, and hard work. Jerusalem, like many of us, had been sacked. Nehemiah took it upon himself to get help in rebuilding the holy city.

Understanding Daniel’s Prophetic Statue: Feet of Iron and Clay

We often don’t realize how critical deciphering everyday events and signs can be, so imagine applying such concepts to world events and Bible prophecy. One of the most intriguing statements Jesus made was to His disciples regarding the signs of His second coming.

Count It All Joy – Even When It Seems None Exist

During our trials and tribulations there may come a time when the light looks dim to us. When we cannot see our way out. In these moments we must hold close to the Lord. We must cling to Him. Serving Christ is not a thing of sadness, but joy. In this article I take a look at how you can overcome and live victorious. Remember to count it all joy!

Parental Responsibility

There is a tremendous responsibility for parents to be involved, not just as a custodial figure, but as an activist in the life of their children. A good projection of what a child will turn out to be is for their parents to take a good look at themselves. Children are great imitators.

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