HELL is NOT a Party!

Radical Grace

Grace is what makes Christianity unique and stand apart from every other religion. Every man-made religion demands that we do something in order for God to accept us or to bless us.

An Introduction Into Buddhism and the Buddhistic Way of Seeing Things

This introduction to Buddhism is in the first place an easy and small guide to the thought processes and ideas behind the religion called Buddhism. This introduction to Buddhism is made to help you understand the basic concepts about the Buddhistic belief system that will start you off in your new journey of life if you decide to walk this path.

The Clergy and Fighting the Good Fight

Recently I watched something that reminded me of so many difficult lessons I have learned throughout my professional life, as well as lessons that I need to learn some more. The rabbi gave a speech. You could see it on his face that midway through his discourse these words crossed through his mind: Oh no, I probably shouldn’t have spoken about this topic.

Top Miracles of the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

A number of miracles were presented and performed by the Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the proof of his prophethood. The greatest miracle was Holly Quran.

Buddhism For Beginners Or an Introduction Into the Buddhistic Way of Life

This article is an introductory overview into the religion of Buddhism. It covers several aspects of this belief system such as the roots of Buddhism, who was Buddha, meditation and spiritualism. It was made to give the reader a brief overview over the life of Buddhists and what their understanding of the world is.

The Essence of First Communion

The article tells about First Communion. It tells about what it is, how it started and how is it important especially to kids.

Speaking in Tongues at Church Again

The first purpose is what I call “Godward.” It is a tongue that is directed to God from man. The second purpose is what I call “manward.” It is a tongue that is directed towards man from God. Underpinning all of what I am about to say are two major principles which, if carried out dutifully, will bring balance to the church.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 23

The love chapter. And the chapter that holds the secret of the gifts of the Spirit for today. Study with me closely.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 22

The heart of this topic is now before us. Paul describes, limits, and encourages in his 3-chapter essay on the gifts of the Spirit. We start with comments on I Corinthians chapter 12.

The Spirit in the Church Today – Part 21

In your church, and in your experience, who has a lot of good talk and who has the real deal, a supernatural life-style covered by the love of God? How about you? How about me? These are not idle questions.

Are Mormons Christians?

Many people have a common question when it comes to Mormons and that is, are they Christians? The short answer is yes, they do believe in Christ.

Easter – Hope Springs Eternal

Having interviewed an astounding 40,000 people, Larry King was once asked who he would like to interview the most. King said that he would like to have a dialogue with God. Growing up in a Jewish home he said that he would like to ask God just one question, “Do you really have a son?

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