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Life Principles That Should Affect the Way We Choose to Dress

The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about wisdom and foolishness, about righteousness and wickedness. It is easy to read these proverbs and remove ourselves from the idea of being the foolish person mentioned in many of them-to subconsciously think that that does not relate to us/me.

My Father, My Dog, and the Cross

I had just turned fourteen years old, the morning was a foggy one and at that hour of the morning the streets were very quiet. I put the chain on Jet as usual and headed for the door with him, or I should say rather he headed for the door with me. Jet was a 10 month old German Shepherd, with the strength of an elephant and the energy of a ten thousand watt light bulb, He was pretty much uncontrollable, and if I let go of the chain it would take me at least an hour to retrieve him…

Affirmations of Gratitude – I Am Grateful For Old Testament Characters

There are many things we can be grateful for in life but have you ever thought about the amazing Biblical characters that have gone before us with a heart of gratitude? These guys and gals showed us by their great example and yes, even by some of their failings, how to live a courageous Godly life.

The Higher Dimension of Prayer, Fasting and Giving

I want to share with us from two perspectives of a head and tail scenario. Using a coin concept to explore the story of Peter the Apostle and Cornelius the Centurion for a revolution(Spiritual) to happen in our lives learn from what Cornelius did and what Apostle Peter did.

God Does Exist Today and Forever

Bill Maher had a documentary about God and Jesus Christ. If he doesn’t believe – why waste time trying to prove he doesn’t?

What is the Significance of the Sign of Jonah?

When they asked Jesus for a sign to prove that He was the Messiah, He was surprised that after all the miracles and teachings they still needed more proof. He told them that the only sign for that unbelieving generation would be the sign of Jonah, but that there was one greater than Jonah here. (Mat. 12: 39 -41)

If I Had the Money on Hand

My thoughts have turned to money and if I had that which would be needed to start the ministry. How would I spend it and what changes would be made in my life?

Greed and Lovers of Money

Many in our churches will teach how God wants us to be successful and have earthly riches, even giving a formula for making it happen. There are no biblical principles to back up this teaching. The Lord may very well bless us with earthly possessions, but there is not a roadmap to wealth in the Bible. God knows what is best for us and His blessings will over whelm us, it just may not be be in the form of money.

Take That, Devil!

Every human who has ever lived will/has gone through trials and tribulations. They need hope. There IS hope! This message will help everyone no matter what they’re going through.

Be Thankful Always

Are you thankful to God always? Do you think about all the blessings you have been blessed with and start giving thanks to God? Read this article and you will understand why you are so unthankful to God in spite of all the blessings He has bestowed unto you.

God Vs US Government – God Will Win

Three years ago, nativity scenes during Christmas were deemed illegal in some states because it was “offensive” to others who did not believe in Christmas. Two years ago the war against Christmas started as some of the big malls refused to greet customers “Merry Christmas” and replaced the greeting with “Happy Holidays” instead.

Where Can I Learn About Christian Leadership?

Christian Leadership is an intensive form of traditional Christian discipleship. Traditionally, Christians have sought the role of the missionary as the highest lay expression of devotion to the faith.

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