Catholic Church Origin

It took years of research before the facts could be presented about how the Catholic Church and Christianity came about. The information and details are vast and too complicated to put into a book but in small sections they are better understood.

Emperor Constantine and Christianity

The purpose of the establishment of the Catholic Church by the Roman Emperor Constantine was to give him a parliament that could control people in all places of his empire. He had walked over 5 other emperors to sole rule and the challenge was for more power and control without the appointment of more rulers.

The Meaning of Christ

The meaning of Christ has been a puzzle since its invention and the Catholic Church establishment by Emperor Constantine. Research into other forms of worship at the time soon brought the realization of its actual origin and, therefore, its interpretation.

Brokenness – The Qualifier of Salvation

In a field of understanding – “salvation” – which ought have no qualifiers – because it is God’s gift to humankind, through the sacrifice of his only Son – there is one qualifier for true salvation. Many have tried without it. I have. I tried for 13 years in my own strength; I never ‘got’ it.

Make Christianity More Relevant!

We hear this and similar calls a fair bit these days, ‘Make the Church more relevant, and we might consider it!’ Some people believe there is hope for Christianity if it adapts to our present conditions of society and its particular needs. How should we respond – is Christianity really adaptable?

When God’s All That Matters

We put so much stock in what others think, and, to some extent, it does matter. But we are far too much concerned with what others think, and we often push God to the background in order to please people.

The Purpose Driven Life (5 Purposes) for Christian Small Groups

When small groups integrate worship as a lifestyle, have authentic fellowship, grow together in Christ, and serve one another together, they are a compelling witness of God’s power to the world, and they bring glory to God. The most important purpose of a small group is to create a culture where worship is a lifestyle.

History and Meaning Behind the Season of Lent: More Than One Interpretation

Lent is a season marked by those in the Catholic faith as a time of reflection, prayer and preparation. This article explores the background of this religious tradition and its meaning for those of faith.

Who Wrote the New Testament

It required a new look to understand how the New Testament had come about. My research went deeply into the origin of the Roman Catholic Church and the work of Constantine to come up with answers to this great puzzle.

Who Was Peter, the Apostle of Christ

The Romans had no knowledge of the things that would undo the creation of the Catholic Church by Constantine. Genetics, archaeology, astronomy and so forth have all played a role in exposing the conspiracy to change the nature of God through a religion generated for power by one emperor.

Man’s Imagination Created His Gods

If we could revert to the thinking of our ancestors our thinking might arrive at the same conclusions. Today, however, we know better so why are we not updating religious philosophy to align them to modern concepts?

Should We Be Calling Ourselves Christians?

What does it mean to be a Christian? Jesus taught against hypocrisy, yet are we behaving contrary to His teachings? How have we distorted the message that God has called us to relate to others?

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