Church Quest, Part One

There are two types of consumers, the shoppers and the buyers. Shoppers open themselves to all that’s out there and manage to identify just the thing they didn’t know they were looking for, whether it’s an item for themselves or a gift for a special someone or occasion; they say, “Let’s go shopping”; for them the point is the process. Buyers, in contrast, know what they need or want in advance and set out seeking it, fundamentally a task of matching; they say, “I need a winter coat”; for them the point is the goal. That’s me. And yet where the search for a church is concerned, I’d been fruitlessly shopping. Until two Christian women writers showed me my error. Ilia Delio’s book helped me refine my beliefs going forward so that I know what I must find in a faith group.

Song of The Colors – Song of Faith

There are songs which can touch the very heart of the inner spirit; music which inspires faith in all stages of a spiritual life. One song I appreciate is De Colores. It’s a brilliant message of spreading light, celestial grace, and combining all shades of color unto the earth as one, created out of the infinite love of the divine.

The Many Gods And Idols of Religions Are Blasphemous

The world is in turmoil and disasters are happening everywhere because of the revenge from the real God against those who worship idols and also sacrifice to false gods. We have entered a time when most can see that the end is near and this was promised to happen as religions are create terror along with their followers.

Reincarnation Versus Heaven And Hell

The experience of reincarnation is a gift from God and while everyone has gone through it not many remember because of religious lies and fear. Young children are able to recall their former existence when allowed to do so and from them a lot can be learned.

How the Bible Reveals the Church That Worships in the True Bible Way

Today, we have over 60,000 churches in the world. Anyone trying to choose a church to worship in would find it a difficult thing to do. Such questions like, is it the right church? Will it lead me to heaven? Can I get genuine salvation there? Is it the church that the bible speaks of? Is it the church that the apostles started and worshiped in? We have to find out the truth ourselves through exploring the Bible as follows.

Prosperity Gospel, Truth Or Lie?

The prosperity gospel has many adherents and also opponents. Central in the discussion is the verse from Isaiah 53, where it is stated that “through His stripes healing has happened to us.”

The Gospel Seed

The Gospel is like a seed. If it is watered by our attentiveness and continual use, it will produce fruit.

The Soul Or The Sun – Which Is It?

People who fall for the trick of a soul do so because they are denied the use of logic in their religious upbringing. Where the idea of a soul come from and why people believe in it is easily explained when the facts are known.

People Fight To Establish Their God As The One And Only But Who Is It?

The gods of all religions are nothing but symbolic representations of the sun and its reflection. The evidence is startling and the people who kill to protect it are grossly misled.

The Religious Monster That Is Terrorising The World

Sun worship remains as the main contributor towards terrorism, over population, climate change, and wars. Because of the massive cover up and changes to their doctrines the religions born of it have survived and thrived.

Without A Virgin Birth Jesus Christ Is No More

Virgin births were commonly accepted in the Roman days and anyone of note claimed one. Science has now proven that such is an impossibility and so the religions based on gods born of virgins are all fake.

What Happens If There Is No Heaven Or Hell?

Heaven and hell tend to dominate one’s thinking unless they are shown up for what they are. People can even become depressed by the thought of hell and many commit suicide.

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