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How to Help Homeless People

Helping the homeless is an important task and must be addressed so the homeless can get basic essentials. They are in need and we must help. The problem is not helping the homeless.

Bible Verses on How to Face Financial Crisis

Everyone in this world has their own needs, desires and expectations. Nowadays, the need for food, clothing, shelter, education etc has become the basic needs of any human being. Money plays a vital role in meeting some of our needs.

Discover the History of Our Lady of Ocotlan Statue and Apparition of Mary

In the spring of 1541, in the city of Tlaxcala, Mexico, an Indian named Juan Diego Bernardino witnessed the apparition of Our Lady of Ocotlan. This was just 10 years after the famous apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. It was during this time that small pox had struck this and surrounding villages in Mexico which killed many of the villagers.

Cabala and the Name of God

What’s in a Name? When the name is the Name of God from which all creation receives life, the Name is more than just a name. According to the Cabala, the Jewish mystical tradition, all names are the Name of God.

The Perfection Of Love In Glory

We cannot love God as God loves us; not here, not now. Only at Glory will we reach the perfection of love that is, at last, the equal of God’s love for us. Then, and only then, will we be eternally quenched in worshipping the LORD aright.

Cabala and the Gender of the Creator

The Cabala, the Jewish mystical tradition, was forbidden to be studied according to the rabbis for fear the people would misunderstand the sexual connotations implicit in the text. A discussion of gender and the Creator opens up a new way to understand familiar relationships by reflecting on how God relates to creation as male and female.

Importance of Trust in God

The word “Trust” means a lot, to us all. Many people think that, trust can be gained only through commanding and authority. Few others think that trust can be gained by pretending to be innocent. But all these tactics will never last forever and the person whom you are trying to impress, will come to know your true color one day or the other.

The Signature Event Of 2012

The ending of the Mayan calendar at the end of this year is accompanied by a slew of profound celestial happenings. The knowledge of the Cabala weaves together all the pieces into one complete picture excluding no one and nothing.

2017 – Angel Gabriel Doomsday

If you’re interested in doomsday scenarios, you’ve probably stumbled across references to a prediction that the archangel Gabriel purportedly made to the members of a group called the Sword of God Brotherhood. According to this prediction, the world will perish during the year 2017, and only members of the brotherhood will survive. The Mysterious Brotherhood What is the Sword of God Brotherhood, and how did they come to be the recipients of this prophesy and divine destiny?

Mayan 2012 Doomsday

Calendars are more than just systems for measuring days and months. Every calendar starts with a unique culture that has its own relationship with time, and it represents a system for marking days based on that society’s special knowledge of the earth and the stars. According to a calendar created by the Meso-American Mayan culture, which thrived from about 250 AD to about 900 AD, the year 2012 marks the end of the current cycle of time.

Jewish Marriage Counseling With Laughter

I’m not really sure when it happened but it did. Marriage counseling has become somewhat of a taboo topic. It could have started out of the women’s liberation movement back with the Dick Van Dyke show when Mary Tyler Moore began wearing pants.

The Influence of Chinese Religion

The article will discuss the theme of religion and/or philosophy in China as it relates to culture. The article will educate the reader in brief about the history of China as it relates to the subject of Asian decor. It will conclude with an application to contemporary Asian decorating.

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