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Children’s Liturgy – A Sunday School Activity Your Students Will Love

The students of your children’s liturgy class will learn a lot from this lesson. The Sunday school lesson demonstrates how it is impossible to live a Godly life with the burden of sin on your shoulders.

The Finest Church Supplies For Holy Communion

There is no doubt that church supplies are important. The finest collection of supplies helps create an ideal ambience for Holy Communion with God.

Has the True Message Been Lost?

What message are you delivering? Is it the true message of deliverance from God or a message of bondage from religion? If we dare to call ourselves Christians, then we ought to endeavor to live our lives Christ-like, and follow his example.

Women in the Bible (20-part Series) #3 – Eve (The Fall)

It takes very little imagination to see that this allegory provides a complete and accurate description of our contemporary lives – the pop culture, the vulgarity, the greed. The Body’s appetites are completely in charge of our actions, the Heart’s emotions fawn over these cravings, and the Mind (at least in the sense of genuine Wisdom) sits back silently and lets it all continue.

Empty, Shapeless and in Darkness

Imagine a life, people or situation described by these negative words. I mean, they are some of the worst you could find in any dictionary. So, when it dropped in my spirit that I should use them as my topic this week, I knew that God was about to do something specific in some lives and situations.

Women in the Bible (20-Part Series) #4 – Sarah

In the Kabbalah, the Sacred Feminine ((represented by Sarah in this story) is described as a ‘Vessel’ that holds and protects the ‘seed’, the Light, of the Sacred Masculine, like a chalice filled with wine. Later, she will pour forth the contents of the chalice, giving birth to all of Nature and life which she will nurture.

Does God Really Exist?

Is there a God? I mean really. If so where is he?

Wake Up Christians! The Fires of Hell Are Raging!

Important directive enclosed! Spiritually speaking, we are being torched. The fires of hell are being driven by lies and threats of assassinations.

What Hope Is There for Prostitutes?

Surprisingly, it is the oldest occupation the world has known, but still yet it is a sin. But are prostitutes to be condemned? They are seen not to have any moral values and have a bad image in terms of reputation, in fact, even the story of the Adulterous woman who was brought to Jesus to be stoned to death is a perfect illustration of the image prostitution creates. Though we are in a civilized world and in some countries, prostitution is even legal, yet it is a sin. What hope do prostitutes have in terms of been saved by the Holy spirit. Just as in the story of the adulterous woman brought before Jesus, did He stone or condemn her?

Thirsty For Worship

David thirsted for the water of the well in Jerusalem, it is the same cry that God has today for his creation. God desires and thirsts for our worship.

Types of Youth Ministry Games

There are lots of youth ministry games out there. Maybe you have games that you play already. Maybe you have observed another ministry and liked the games they played. All I know is that a lot of times we have no clue about games or we fall into a rut about what type of youth ministry games we use.

Serve to Be Famous

It seems everyone wants to be famous these days. Not necessarily world famous but “celebrated in public report; renowned; much talked of; praised and distinguished” (thank you Mr. Webster), among their circle of friends and acquaintances. Some folks cultivate localized fame by fine-tuning an eccentric personality (always speak their mind, ignore popular trends or whatever). Others become well known in their sphere of influence by pushing their opinion on a variety of issues and still others through being the best source of community information (gossip) in town. What these kinds of people have in common is a desire to be noticed, to be known and to be served in one way or another. They crave a “name” even if it is a moniker suited to a big fish in a little pond

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