My Love Story – Overcoming Life With an Alcoholic

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, an alcoholic is someone who ‘has a distinct physical desire to consume alcohol beyond their capacity to control it, and in defiance of all rules of common sense.’ As someone who has experienced first hand how heavy drinking can devastate a relationship, I know what this means. I survived a six year ordeal with a man who systematically destroyed my life through his drinking and, with God’s help, finally emerged to find the love and freedom that I never dreamt possible during those dark years. This is my love story.

Does God Truly Exist?

The account of God’s creation in Genesis has been questioned by many, comparing it to a fairy tale story. Well! That is humanly understandable. So how did man come to being? Did he just appear and started existing?

Practical Ethical Evaluation – The Cosmic Humanist Perspective and Christianity

The cosmic humanist point of view must mediate and concentrate inwards, where his God is, but never hold others accountable to his system. Nothing is really wrong except judging other people’s moral beliefs and actions.

Is Religion (Especially the Christian Faith) Actually the Opium of the Masses?

The foundation of the Marxist ethical code is the inevitability of change and every aspect of man and the things relating to him changes. Thus, his ideas about morality are not left out. V.I Lenin gives an idea of the communist morality as the ethics or principles contrary to God’s commandments and in fact a total disbelief in Him, just because the bourgeoisies in general use the name of God for their own selfish interest and man owning the commandments to suppress the peasants.

The Christian Ethics – Grounded in the Character of God

There are lots of thoughts and theories bringing out arguments on the basis of the Christian ethics. Christian ethics is in harmony with theology. A Christian places ethics in a moral order revealed by the divine creator though both general and special revelation. And he knows that this order is the only true source of morality. For a Christian, the moral order is as real as the physical order.

Morality of the World Order – Marxism and Leninism in Relation to Christianity

The Marxists find it easy to reaching consensus regarding their ethical beliefs because of their single minded approach to the Marxist theological, philosophical, biological, economical and historical disciplines. Though these ethics have no absolute foundation, the Marxist believes the dialectical view of the class struggle is foundation enough.

Is the Christian Faith Really Weird?

Non Christians sometimes wonder why the Christians spend time worshipping and living lives in accordance to a God through a son called Jesus Christ. Not only this, but see it as weird following some “Unimaginable” or “Incomprehensible” doctrines.

A Christian Blog and a Church Blog

In the last several years, it seems that I have encountered one Christian believer after another who has sustained multiple emotional wounds at the hands of a church leader or another church member or members. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the number of sincerely devoted Christians who are no longer willing to maintain a significant connection to any local church.

How Does God View Eating Disorders?

Are anorexia and bulimia ‘diseases’, as those in the secular psych fields claim? If they have biochemical causes, where is the evidence? Does God’s Word address this form of bondage, and what hope can the food addict have?

Making Your Life Matter

Your average Christian does not feel that their lives are important – and yet that is not the case. Having an obedient and willing heart will enable God to use you in mighty ways.

Practical Christian Living – Ethical Relativism in Relation to Christianity

Relativism is the belief that truth is not always and generally valid, but can be judged only in relation to other thoughts such as your personal situation. And this belief was emphasized by Dr.Arthur E. Gravatt who postulated that moral behaviors may differ from situation to situation. Morality of conduct might be seen differently by various individuals or behaviors might be moral at one time and not another.

Authority of the Bible – Do Other Works Replace the Bible As the Word of God?

Several times I have been asked, “Are there other books that are equal to or replace the Bible as the Word of God?” The answer is NO! The Bible is very clear that nothing can be added to or taken away from the Holy Scriptures.

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