His Confession did WHAT!!!😱

The Story of Crucifixion and Its Relation to Modern Human Rights Violation

Almost everyone is aware of the story of the crucifixion. If we examine closely, we can find information that links it to the modern violation. This article sheds light to this relation.

God is the God of Salvation – Good News

This article is a reminder to us that the worst and hopeless sinner can be saved and restored to great relationship and communion with God. Also, those who have given up on some people or themselves about salvation can have great hope and enthusiasm rekindled in them for possibility of salvation of such people or themselves.

Redefining Leadership Through the Nehemiah Bible Story

The bible provides the greatest lessons in life. In the Old Testament, stories about being a great leader can be seen in the book of Nehemiah. This article reveals interesting lessons about leadership from the book of Nehemiah.

Christian Quotes – Not Only Wisdom, But Words to Live By

We all at times need a shoulder to cry on when life gets difficult. Sometimes, reading encouraging and uplifting Christian quotes is just what is needed to bring the sun back out.

Faith in God For Our Day-To-Day Living

Life is punctuated with obstacles or problems, posing challenges to us time after time. This is because the whole world lies in socio-politically and economic evi1s. So then, if a child of God, swimming against the current of evil will succeed in life, retaining his faith/status quo before God, he must have faith in God permanently enshrined in the fabric of his heart.

Satan Bound With a Chain For a Thousand Years – When is it and What Does it Mean?

The keys to the Kingdom are given to the Church along with the authority and responsibility to bind and to lose that come with them. Jesus took pains to explain this matter of the keys, the binding of Satan, and how it would relate to the Church.

Have the Churches Lied to Us?

With all the disagreeing going on within the body of Christ these days, is it not possible that somewhere along the line we’ve been lied to? There are so many doctrines and teachings in the realm of Christianity, that it is hard to keep track of them all.

Christians on the Internet – Online Social Networks

The internet provides a window to the world, which becomes a two way portal with online social networks. Social networks, online dating and pen-pal agencies have grown greatly, providing a contact service around the world. It’s important that the site offering the service truly reflects the community it supports, and not just claim a share of the market.

How to Receive Daily Bible Devotions by Email

Most of the people around the country are suffering with busy and hectic schedules and some of them even need to works in nights also. Everybody would like to relax their mind with some additional hobbies. According to one survey report, so many people are saying that by studying the bible regularly, they are getting so much relaxation.

History of the Crown of Thorns

The Crown of Thorns holds great significance in the rituals, prayers, and customs of the Christian tradition. The Crown was woven from the thorny branches of the tree of Euphorbia Milii and was pounded into Jesus Christ’s forehead before he was led to his Crucifixion.

Judas Iscariot – Friend Or Foe?

A recent documentary on the Discovery channel references one of the Gnostic gospels found in the 20th century. The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot. What do we really know about the man?

So, Am I a Reductionist?

The vast majority of my critics are people that comment anonymously (undoubtedly people that I know personally) that don’t like either my implied political views or my stance on non-violence. In the case of my last post, however, I received a couple of anonymous comments coming from a different direction.

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