Assisted Suicide or Assisted Life?

What should be the position of the Christian when it comes to the issue of assisted suicide? What should their response be to the terminal and suffering individual? Should the Church sit back and watch as organizations help people leave this life?

Wisdom Is Calling to You, Part 3: Counsel, Knowledge and Understanding

We’ve been taking a close look at Proverbs 8 and looking at what wisdom means and the results of living by wisdom. In this segment we’ll look at verses 14-17.

Know God, Know Life

Millions over the Earth today enjoy their lives a whole lot more because they know God. They know life because they know God. They know life in context because of their understanding of creation, the fallen nature of humankind, their personal redemption in Christ Jesus, toward their restoration vouchsafed in the Holy Spirit.

What If the Devil Didn’t Exist? Part II

What is the devil’s agenda? What’s he after? That is, if he exists? Also, let’s review some erroneous translations which have misconstrued metaphorical concepts into a evil personage, often known as Lucifer.

The Strengthening In Solitude

Jesus can be seen as so other-than what we would often expect him to be in the flesh. We imagine him weakened in the desert solitude. Yet, the Spirit led him there to be strengthened in his solitude before the Tempter could tempt him. In our busy age, where we have distraction upon distraction to disrupt our spiritual continuity, we have lost the art of deriving strength, joy, and effectiveness from the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude. There is much to be gained, then.

The Example

I would almost argue that he who has an awe and wonder for God soon sees a new brother in Christ. Whereas he who has an awe for the leadership of man soon ceases to see at all.

How to Begin Editing Our Karma? [Part 16] Never Too Old – Never Too Late

When one considers the billions of heart-related ailments that plague all strata of our society, one would be excused for thinking that we are in the middle of a massive pandemic dis-ease, and perhaps we are, if we understand that all disease infiltrates first, our energy field long before other symptoms are noticed. We do understand that it is a cause that generates symptoms, but we are wrong to think that the cause is purely physical or emotional.

Atheism – Bright Future Or Coming To An End?

Look, I don’t relish bursting the balloons and blowing out the candles at your birthday party, but I need to share something. And if you have strong sympathies towards atheism, you may just think that I have barged in to spoil your party, when that wasn’t my main idea at all. Well, parties aside for the moment, do I think atheism will accelerate into wider acclaim, perhaps slow down, or will it be more like the last train to San Francisco, the end of atheism itself? In this brief article I am probing to see what sustains atheism and whether it might be destined to excite your allegiance by fresh bursts of Dawkinsian brilliance, or just run out of steam at the final station.

The Freeing Power In True Confession

We may often talk in terms of repentance, but repentance has neither substance nor direction when it runs without confession; the courage to turn to the truth even when that means turning against ourselves. Yet if we have committed ourselves to Christ, we have committed ourselves without reservation to the truth. This is at times a tough road, because we live to a higher standard; the truth turns most times against ego. So if we are committed to the truth, we have signed a contract to smash the ego again and again, beating it into submission such that humility would be our final repose.

A Thorn in The Flesh

Remember that Satan is a defeated enemy, he cannot be at more than one place at a time, for God is omnipresent and Satan is not. When we rebuke Satan, most times its his messengers that we rebuke. We do not have to defeat Satan, only resist him.

Mormonism and Baptism for the Dead

What’s all the hubbub about baptism for the dead? Learn a little more about one of Mormonism’s most misunderstood doctrines.

The Value of the Parable of the Talents

The Parable of the Talents is about being fruitful. It is about maximizing your potential in life while the opportunities are available. Jesus is returning and He has placed us on this earth for a reason and for a season.

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