Stop Asking, Start Acting

When are we going to stop asking God to do something that He has already given us the capacity to do ourselves? Instead of grasping how the Word works, we continually ask God to fulfill His promises instead of acting on what He has already given us.

Best Friend

Life is better when you have a best friend who will share joy and ease your burdens. But, some of you say, “I have no best friend,” or even, “I have no friend at all.” That may be true, but everyone has a better friend.

Nevertheless Not My Will

How do Believers respond to the Word of God when we witness the chaos that seems to engulf every continent of this spire called Earth? Human reasoning will only enhance the negativity of observation. We need to come to a place where we acknowledge our feelings, but quickly say, “Nevertheless not my will but His be done.

Breakfast With Jesus

What a breakfast that turned out to be. Jesus was telling Peter it was time for him to decide if he was really committed to the calling he had responded to three years before.

Going All Out!

The second example that Paul gives to Timothy and to us is the way that he walks through life or one could say his way of life. We know about Paul’s BC days, in other words Before Christ.

Chase Your Dream

We’re taking an in-depth look at Paul’s way of life. Firstly, we saw that we need to have a firm foundation and have to use the Word of God for that.

A Firm Foundation

Contrary to the dark image Paul described in the previous verses, he now provides a few tips from his own experience that Timothy should also try and implement. Paul received this way of life from God.

A Dark Vision

Paul paints a picture of the way the world will look before Jesus’ return. The picture he paints is not very nice.

A Life Leading Others

I like pottering around with stuff, even though I have no idea what is going on sometimes. I still remember the old rotavator on the farm.

Being a Christian Ain’t for Sissies

They say growing old isn’t for sissies, because as you know, everything becomes a challenge. Sometimes just to get out of bed has to happen in stages.

Silence Is an Answer Too

I get a lot of questions about many things in the Bible. How much water do you need to be baptised?

The Fight Club

We’ve looked at verse 22 a number of times already. Paul shows us the way by saying that we must try our best to leave the wrong things in life alone.

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