His Strength For My Stress

Twas the Night Before Doomsday 2012

Twas the night before Doomsday, two thousand and twelve Not a creature was worried, they’d all prepared well. Provisions piled high in the basement with care, In case that The Comet soon would be there.

The Ba’al Shem Tov

The Ba’al Shem Tov was the founder of the Chassidut which is based on the Kabala. At the age of 36 the great Ba’al Shem Tov was finally revealed. He started to heal people using the Holy Names of God (which is the meaning of “Ba’al Shem”). Not only did he help cure their bodies, but he also offered aid to thier souls by instructing his followers in the ways of life and faith, bringing about the addition of the word “Tov” (good) to his name.

Prayers at Graves of Tzadikim

When the Tzadik passes away, the grave of the Tzadik becomes a place where people come to pray and ask for his advocacy in Heaven. In Jewish tradition, prayers at graves of Tzadikim are a source of blessing from Above and a chance to communicate with God on a higher level.

Making Disciples – The Priority of Jesus Christ and Parents Too

There were many miracles that Jesus Christ performed when He walked the face of the earth. However in His final prayer He did not mention any of His miracles. He only remembered the most important thing to Him and God: His disciples. What implications does this have for parents?

Disciple Your Children – The Fruit of Jesus Versus the Fruit of the Contemporary Church

The fruit of modern day parenting is yielding bad fruit; more than two million children are permanently leaving the church each year. On the other hand, the fruit of Jesus’ discipleship methods was twelve uneducated men who turned the world upside down for the cause of Christ. Parents can learn some valuable lessons from Jesus.

A Quick Word of Inspiration From Parshat Vayishlach

We all face difficulties. We all need to make decisions we would rather not. But with all of life’s challenges, the big decisions we all inevitably encounter, walking away unscathed is simply a luxury that almost never exists. We strive. Sometimes we succeed, but the challenges most certainly take their toll.

Is the Message of the Bible Fact Or Fairy Tale? Part Two

In our first article, we learned that not enough time had passed between the death of Jesus and the writing of Mark’s gospel to obscure the core truth of the events he recorded. But what about the actual contents of Mark’s gospel? Was he giving us the straight scoop or heaping on the hyperbole? We address this question in this second article of our three part series.

Jesus Christ

This article is a talking about Jesus Christ who is supposed to be the Son of the PreCreated who is called Lord in Bible and whose body is made of perfect matter. In view of Biblical description of the conception of St. Virgin Maria is highly probable, that she was rather fertilized by the members of extraterrestrial civilizations fulfilling the Creator’s will, than straightly by spiritual Beings sent by God.

Common Terms of the Christmas Season

A list of common Christmas terms relevant to Christians. Learn a little more about the terms you hear in seasonal songs and bible verses.

You Gotta Have Faith

For some people, the word, “faith,” is misunderstood, and at times, even mysterious. If your faith is big enough you will make it to heaven. Blind faith is the way you prove to God that you really are serious. Having faith and doing what is right in God’s eyes is what will get you saved.

Hebrews – A Diet For Spiritual Growth

The book of Hebrews is a book designed to give immature Christians what they need to become strong and mature. Just as physical maturity depends on a proper diet, so does spiritual maturity.

King David – King of Israel

When God created Adam He showed him a vision of all his future descendants. As he watched all the generations appear before him, Adam noticed the great soul of David who was destined to live for only three hours. Adam decided to bestow upon him 70 years of his own life. He signed a contract stating that David, the son of Yishai, would receive 70 years of his life. Who was David and what made him so special to receive this extraordinary gift of life from Adam?

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