Living Within the Seals of Revelations

The seals are broken, the tribulation begins in 94 AD. The author John claims he is a companion with us within the tribulation period. How far do we progress into the book of revelations, how far into the book does the tribulation period go?

Penny-Wise And Pound – Foolishness In The World – Why You Should Not Miss God’s Goodness

Oftentimes, the believers in the faith see themselves as helpless when in fact the abundance of God’s blessings are there for them. They only need to act in accordance with the will of God and He is faithful and just in His words.

What is the Role of the Music Director in a Local Church? (Part I)

The office of a Music Director may be traced to bible history times with specific reference to the time David became king of Israel. Even though this portfolio had been around for a very long time, it was not until David became king that it gained prominence in the everyday life of God’s people. A thorough study of the reforms that took place under David’s leadership (1st Chronicles) will attest to the emphasis that he placed on temple worship music.

Be Wise in What You Call a False Move of God Or a Person a False Prophet

Many people are quick to charge people in certain circles and certain revivals as being caught up in something false. There are many people who won’t claim to be prophets, who would prefer to call themselves watchmen who have a lot to say and most of it condemning and judgmental about the people of God, about things that they cannot understand and refuse to even try and understand. This is an article about this subject.

The True Mother of Love With God’s Grace Upon Her

A Christian poem for the mother of love. Who knows the depths of a Mother’s love, especially the love of a Mother who had God’s grace upon her? She is the one who first introduces us to God’s loving kindness and mirrors it in her relationship with us. A Mother’s love is a treasure and a blessing from God.

How to Make Sure That You Do Not Cast Your Pearls Before Swine – What Does That Mean Anyway?

We are told by Jesus not to cast our pearls before swine as he says they may trample on what we have given them and then turn and try and rip us to pieces. If someone had not told me what it means I might have been forever clueless, yet thankfully a writer told me what it was and this short article is going to tell you. I will tell you who the pigs are and I will tell you what your pearls are and I will tell you how not to cast them before the pigs. Are you ready?

God’s Judgment – Why God Has Zero Tolerance For Sin

Imagine this scenario: You have been arrested for a relatively minor offense – say shoplifting. The judge gives you jail time. As you are handcuffed and hauled away to jail, would any of those arguments work? You would not even dream of it, would you?

To Save a Soul

No one knew exactly what went on behind closed doors. What a surprise when it was exposed.

Prophetic Word For the USA and the West in 2010

When there are heavy storm clouds in the air and the sky is turning black and thunder is rolling in the distance, it is time to get the children out of the park, off the rides and get them safe inside the house away from the danger. When there are going to be very tough economic times and the dollar is going to crash and the economies of the world are going to be shaken and jobs are going to be scarce and money is going to be in short supply, it is not time to be spending all your wages on the luxuries of the world.

Some Heartfelt Words to Help You As You Are Losing Your Lazarus

We all have times in life where there is a very real cross road put in front of us. Many people pretend there is no choice there and try to have both choices for a change. Jesus could have ignored the Holy Spirit’s direction to go to another town and minister when he was told his friend Lazarus was dying, and yet He chose to obey the Father and let his friend die. Sometimes to do God’s will in our life we have to let a person we love slip out of out friendship circle and that is what this short article is all about.

Moving Via the Holy Spirit – What it is Like to Do God’s Will All Day Every Day

To many believers being in God’s perfect will would be something they strive to be in. Many people would like each thing they do on earth to be led by the Holy Spirit and for those people I have written this short article.

LDS Art – Where One Might Be Able See Many Original Paintings

What better place to preserve the art than in the temples? Each temple is very secure and heavily guarded and well kept. The only people who are allowed to enter into the temples of LDS church are members who meet certain requirements.

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