Holy Spirit Chose YOUR Body For Himself!🀯πŸ”₯

The First Surah of Quran Is the Solution to All the Problems of Humanity

Surah-al-Fatihah (The First Surat of Quran) is a solution to all problems in the human life. It is said by some Sufis that whatever there was in the earlier Divine books is condensed in the Holy Quran and the contents of the Quran are condensed into surah-al-fatihah (first Surah of Quran) and that which is in Surah-al-fatihah is found in bismillah and that which is in bismillah is to be found in its first letter “ba”. It is explained that “ba” is a coordinating conjunction and stands for unity. Surely the ultimate aim is to effect union of a…

Kings Lead – They Do Not Send!

When we do things that are wrong there are always consequences. God will punish those He loves for He wants them to live a pure and holy life. God wants all good things for His children. Now God would have to punish David for the wrong things he had done. See what happened to David and Bathsheba for sinning against God’s Ten Commandments.

Can Christians Curse?

Christians should not use their mouths to speak curses because it is a sin. Christians should bless their enemies and pray for them.

Can Non Christians Go to Heaven?

Universalism is a concept in which everyone on this earth will be saved. We can only get saved by believing in Jesus. In John 14:6, Jesus said he is the only way to eternal life.

Can Christians Be Cursed?

The curse of God can fall on a person when he disobeys God’s commandment. Curses can passed down up to the third or fourth generation on a person if the ancestor sins against God.

Can Christians Eat Blood?

Eating blood is a sin according to the Bible. You cannot drink blood or eat dishes made from blood.

The Life of Joseph – 4 Principles We Can Emulate

Joseph the dreamer, as his brothers will call him had a sense of destiny from a very tender age. The rise of Joseph to become the second most powerful person in all of Egypt, which was the most powerful nation in the known world at the time, is a fascinating example of how God does work in the affairs of men and how our dreams can become reality in the face of extreme adversity.

Religious Freedom: Why Create When You Can Destroy?

When it comes to religious criticism, many critics try to poke holes in their opposition. But wouldn’t the time be better spent creating something good?

Can Christians Work on the Sabbath?

Christians must keep the Sabbath day holy and consecrate it for the Lord. No buying or selling activities should not be carried on the day.

Forward To Glory

Is grace a license to sin? Or is it God’s answer to sin?

Cosmology’s Biblical Resolution

There are but two possible or realistic fates for our expanding Universe. Either it will expand forever and ever, or else the expansion will eventually halt and reverse into a contraction. If you had to choose between the two, based not on the science of cosmology, but on the Bible, you’d have to opt for the former. Fortunately for the Bible, cosmologists place their bets on that option as well.

No Joy Allowed

Don’t be shy ladies, as Christians we are to be SHINING LIGHTS! There be light… and JOY!

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