Holy Spirit Wants To Be Your Friend!

We Must Allow Jesus To Serve Us Again

I believe the “Patriotic American Spirit” has diminished over the past 70-100 years and in my last article I attempt to explain why. This posting will concentrate on the diminished “Spirit of America”. The Spirit of America began deep within the heart of man and the first settlement of Jamestown in 1607.

Use Your Church Website to Reach Others

In their Pew Internet and American Life Project the Pew Research Center found that “Nearly two-thirds of online Americans use the Internet for faith-related reasons. The sixty-four percent of Internet users who perform spiritual and religious activities online represent nearly eighty-two million Americans.”

Was Jesus Christ Wholly Man, Wholly God, or Both?

Over half the world believes that Jesus was only a man. Many believers think he was fully God and fully man at the same time. Some believe he was fully God. Jesus, himself, asks the question to all, “Who do you say that I am?” The scriptures are alive with the answers. How will you answer the question asked by Jesus after reading this article?

Exorcising the Ministry of Manipulation

Nobody owns God. Yet, the same could not be said for the reverse; by the fact we exist we’re instruments of the Almighty. Against the trend of truth, however, comes an all too common occurrence, anywhere that power might be contorted against people and, never worse, in the name and purposes of God…

Worship – The Role of Music

It is not unusual to walk into any Pentecostal/Charismatic church today to see congregant clapping hands, singing and dancing to exuberant music. This takes place normally during the time of labelled as “Praise and Worship”.

God, That Conceited?

It’s true; the Holy Bible literally states that if you are not with Christ you are against him, if you are not of him you are of the devil. Does this mean that our friends and loved ones, non-Christians, or Christians daring to disagree with their opinion, are evil, of Satan, taking the devil’s side?

Distressed, In Debt, Or Discontented?

Are you distressed, in debt, or discontented? All is not lost. You might be right where God want’s you to be. What if I showed you some people that were all of the above and they found a way out?

Is There Proof of the Existence of God?

Lot’s of people have said there is no proof of God, is this true? Most of these people do not want to believe in God, because to do so, means their lifestyles would go against what God tells us in the Bible, is wrong.

Raising Your Children Without Religion

It’s amazing to me how many parents attempt to do this and think that they can actually succeed at it! An atheist parent for example may say that they are training their children to be ethical; to be a free thinkers, to be non religious etc. However, this is setting yourself and children up to fail in the thing that matters most, which is love, respect and a reverence for God.

God Is In Charge

Why did we not know of these miracles in years past? Why now!! Could it be that God wants us to know, now, we are not alone, that He is with us, as He promised, till the end of the earth? All we have to do is go to church and get down on your knees – pray and then be quiet – listen as if your life depends on it, as it probably does.

Before I Was a Muslim I Was a Christian

I had the privilege last Friday night of being back amongst my friends at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre where we met to grieve the death of the father of my dear friend, Sheikh Mansour Leghaei. And it was good to be back amongst those lovely people, and it was good to a part of the live Skype linkup with Mansour back in Esfahan (in Iran) and it was to once again enjoy the experience of being kissed by an enormous number of bearded men (an experience that [sadly] I just don’t get anywhere else)….

Your Mission – Your Life

Your overarching mission, whether or not you choose to accept it, is to live a life-time of learning. Every breathing human learns either through experience (the hard way – based on trial and error) or through observation (the easy way – based on the review of the experiences of others via eyes, ears, cognition). And guess what – whether or not you acknowledge it, you are constantly learning the difference between good (actions that are helpful, love, life) and evil (actions that are hurtful, hatred, death).

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