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Dead And Wounded Men Walking

Spiritual growth is directly related to the degree of outreach we exhibit toward others. The more we show concern for others, the greater the opportunity we have to grow in the knowledge of His Word.

Why Did Pontius Pilate Ask Yashua Messiah The Question: What Is Truth?

What is Truth? Do YOU know, because Pontius Pilate certainly didn’t. One would think it is quite a simple question to answer, but with these things they are are never as straight forward as one might think. Once grasped, yes, they are simple to understand, but it’s the grasping that’s not so easy for some.

Why Do We Suffer? Is Suffering Good or Bad?

Why do people suffer? Do some people simply have bad luck or is there a good reason why we suffer? Why do we all get sick, grow old, and die? And is all suffering really bad, or is it actually a blessing in disguise, somehow?

Are You Fulfilling the King’s Mandate to Reach the Ends of Earth With His Invitation?

Imagine your best friend has just invited you to his wedding, and told you to invite everyone you know to the special event. Those who hear of the event will be the ones who are lucky enough to attend it. If you do not share this good news, you will be guilty of not obeying the order.

If Half of the Human Population Believes God, Then Why Is the World So Dark?

Do you believe in God? If you answered “Yes,” your answer would match about half of the human population. If so many people believe in God, why do we experience so many manmade problems in life? If we believe in God, that means that we should know His principles for living in a godly way, so we ought to be able to live well, right? Apparently, believing in God is not enough; or perhaps, we are not grasping what belief actually is or entails.

We Are Crafted, Not Cloned

Spiritual cloning kills creativity within the Church. What does spiritual cloning look like? And how can we can be sure we are not a copy of someone else

Biblical Principles of Justice That We Should Apply to Both the Court of Law and Our Everyday Life

Justice is one of the fundamental virtues of Yahweh God Almighty. If you claim God as your Father, then how much are you like Him? To live up to the title as a child of God, you will need to reflect His qualities, among which is justice. Here, we will study some of the principles and ordinances Yahweh has laid out in His justice system. I will use the 2013 emotionally charged trial of George Zimmerman as an example to illustrate how we can apply God’s justice principles to our judicial system as well as to our daily life.

What Promises Eternal Mega Joy?

What brings true, lasting joy? Is it money, fame, or something else altogether?

The Creation Displays the Essential Attribute of God Its Creator: Goodness

When you wake up each morning to the sweet melodies of birds, how do you feel? When you admire the spectacular spectrum of sunsets, are you awed? When sunlight warms your skin and gentle summer breezes softly kiss you, are you not delighted? Do you not enjoy the fragrance of wildflowers, the sound of ocean waves splashing, the chirps of crickets at night, and the claps of thunders during a heavy storm? How do all the elements of life reflect the Creator of life?

Beware False Teachers: How to Detect Them and Combat Their Falsehoods

Knowing the truths and nothing but the truths about Yahweh God, Jesus Christ, and God’s Word, the Bible, is crucial to our salvation; our chance of receiving an everlasting life in the Kingdom of God depends on knowing God and the Christ accurately, for note what Jesus said in his prayer to God: “This is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and him whom you sent, Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3, WEB) Thus, we must identify the false teachers with their falsehood from true teachers.

Why Should We Know God Almighty the Creator of the Universe?

We often focus on the question: “Do you believe in God?” Yet we seldom go on to the crucial question: “Why is it important to KNOW God?” Why do we desire or need to identify that there is a Creator? Why is it important to know Him?

The Footprints or Evidences of God: How Do You Respond to Them?

Do you know God? If so, do you know Him intimately? How should you respond to your knowledge of Him? Do you want to have companionship with God? Do you want to be God’s friend?

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