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Faith, Works, and the Finished Work of the Cross

In spite of the challenges and struggles we may experience in our Christian journey, we must realize that human behavior is always inconsistent and imperfect (1 Jn. 5:10-13). Therefore, Satan will use legalism to undermine and destroy our confidence in God. When we fail, Satan will always seek to deceive us through the deception of works and self-righteousness, in order to cause us to doubt who we are in Christ, and what He has accomplished on your behalf.

A Believer’s New Life in Christ

When we become Christians we enter a New Life. Some people believe this New Life comes about by obtaining a new character.

Rejoicing in Hope

The hope of a Christian is based upon the promises of God. Hope in God, whose promises are true, never disappoints.

Religion and Spirituality

The universe is a diverse wonderland. Different religion and spiritual methodologies together contribute to this diversity.

Spring Time is KING Time!

We were born for such a time as this and have all the power we need to affect change in our communities. Only FEAR could stop us and ONLY if we allow it to do so.

Modest Clothing – What’s That?

Dressing modestly has long been a practice for many people of Biblical faiths. Some religions have stricter rules governing how followers should dress than others.

A Study of Angels and Demons Around Us

We look in depth at the study of angels, angelology, fallen angels, demons, and the spiritual warfare taking place in the world around us. This is an extensive look backwards as well as into the future.

Bible Studies For Busy People

These mini studies will give you the most in a minimum amount of time. They will stimulate a desire to pursue a deeper study of many subjects that are discussed in the devotions.

Is Belief in God Enough?

Over 90% of Americans say that they believe in God. However, is this enough to get us saved? For it is not what we do, that grants us salvation.

A Bible Based Exhortation Directed to the Godly Man and Woman in America Who Feels Small and Alone

I see in many of our people an attitude that asks, “does the small bit of my life’s influences really make any difference in the big scheme of things? After all, I’m not the president, or a state governor, a big military leader, a minister, or a this, or a that”. Hey, I can relate to those feelings.

When God Promises, He Delivers

Often when I share scripture with you, I’m learning to apply it my own life as well. While it’s easy to say that God will uphold His Word, it’s a different matter entirely to support this truth with our Faith and Conduct.

Because He Lives – Reflecting on Lent and Easter

I once heard an instructor talk about trying to counsel a young woman in a hospital who had been severely abused by her family. He tried unsuccessfully for an hour to get a response from her but she simply refused to acknowledge his presence in the room. Finally when he got up to leave she spoke for the first time.

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