How Can I Live My Life In Christ?

Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance


Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance

Christians of the fifth century fled urban corruption and spread the faith by building churches and performing biblical healings. This spread the gospel of good news, which not only provides assurance about the afterlife, but also meets practical needs. The process of conversion often started with the practice of baptism and healing. But as the church gained popularity, healings began to drift to the margins. In the twentieth century, persecution was less frequent and Christianity gained acceptance from the state.

Christians believe in the power of God to heal and transform people’s lives. Some people walked on water or fed the 5,000; others had the power to cast out demons. These miracles pointed to the apostles’ ability to be messengers of God. However, they could not do these things without God’s blessing.

The apostles began the early church after Christi’s resurrection. They preached the gospel and healed people, raising the dead and exorcising demonic spirits. These miracles are recorded in the gospels of Acts and Matthew. According to Acts, Jesus gave these apostles the power to heal.

During his ministry, Christ had encounters with demons and the Devil. While his mission was to defeat the kingdom of darkness, he resorted to accommodating language and fabrication to suit the time. This led liberals to mistakenly assume that the Son of God shared age-old views. As a result, many best-selling Christian books focus on demon activities at the end of the world.

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