Why Brother Abubakar Shekau (Darul Tawheed), Leader of Boko Haram Should Stop This Jihad

My heartfelt purpose for writing this letter is to say sorry. We are sorry for killing you great leader. We are sorry for promoting pornography, alcoholism and prostitution. I also apologise on the behalf of our greedy and wicked politicians have mercy on them. Remember that Prophet Mohammed told his followers returning from a military campaign: “This day we have returned from the minor jihad to the major jihad,” which he said meant returning from armed battle to the peaceful battle for self-control and betterment. That is you can protect the faith against others using legal, diplomatic and economic to political means. Darul Tawheed, tell the government what you want and stop killing those you want to protect.

Help! I’m a Christian and I Struggle With Habitual Sin

Habitual sins are sins that involve a pattern of the same sin committed over and over again whereby the believer feels enslaved and can’t find relief from it. This article takes a look at habitual sin and what the bible says about living a victorious life.

Seeing With Dove’s Eyes

The purpose of both creation and redemption is that we might have an intimate relationship with Jesus. It is not surprising, therefore, that there would be one book in the Bible which depicts this. That book is the Song of Solomon.

Priests Who Marry Mary Are Forbidden Human Wives

Myths are born of spirits that do not exist. The problem is most cannot get their minds around the dogma that has been brainwashed into them from birth.

Mary Christmas And The Sun’s Birth – What A Joy To The World

Mary Christmas is the same as Merry Christmas and the reason for it is obvious once the origin of the festival is known. Christ-mass is a Catholic Church celebration of the so-called birth of Jesus Christ which is an invention of Constantine.

Religious Celibacy Is About Show And It Defies Nature

The act of sex is defined by some religious organisations as a sin, especially if performed out of marriage or with another partner while married. It is a cock-eyed view that has its origin in Babylon and is against nature. It also leads to other problems, such as paedophilia, rape, and even murder of partners who may tell. Tribunals under way in Australia are listening to horrendous evidence of victims of so-called celibate priests who have continued to perform within their churches while their victims have often suffered extreme hardship and even suicide as a result.

Modern Religions That Discriminate Against Women Have Their Roots In Babylon

Women are not to blame for men’s sexual drive as it is natural instinct. But that does not conform with religious thinking which tends to ignore nature for man made laws and beliefs.

The Faith, Hope and Love of Christmas

The birth of Jesus Christ brought the good news the world had been waiting for. We needed a Savior. God had promised He would come. With His coming, the world would never be the same. Now reconciliation with God was possible. Through faith in Him, our sins could be forgiven. His coming brought hope of everlasting life with God. And most importantly, His birth, His sinless life, His sacrificial death and His resurrection from the dead spoke volumes about the love of God.

How Christmas Deafens The Mind To Reality And The Facts

Over the Christmas season many people will die and others will suffer injuries and loss but what does that do to those planning for the festival? Generally nothing because the busy season, as it is called, takes away the here and now and transports the brain to imagined bliss.

Truth Was Buried By the Roman Conspiracy Against God

The truth concerns the Spirit of the Universe and the spiritual children who communicate with it. The lie concerns the fake gods who have no communication because they were invented to get people into religions.

Why Religious Organisations Discriminate Against Women

Women have born the brunt of male dreams for millennia. In some cases they are hidden from view so the Mother God, Mary, will not be offended. It is the reason the RCC won’t allow female priests.

Visions Given By God Should Not Be Ignored

One knows when something is from God because they feel the power. The same applies to visions and it is what makes parts of the bible so addictive.

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