How God Sees Giving and Offerings

Islamic Allah So Called Mathematical And Scientific Miracles In The Holy Quran

There are certain arguments I never use against Islam, they are rarely the most bizarre kind of arguments I have ever come across. However I think likewise Muslims should not use some arguments to prove Islam themselves.

Why I’m Not a Hospital Chaplain

My colleague, Father Elias, began his sermon on the Sunday I was in hospital by saying, “I think if it had appeared in the paper that a priest had threatened to beat up a fellow patient in a Sydney Hospital, the most common response would have been, ‘I didn’t know Dave was in hospital!'” I’ve never pictured myself as having any aptitude for hospital work. I appreciate that hospitals are an ideal context in which to offer care and compassion to persons in need, but such relationships are always short-term, and hence seem somewhat artificial to me.

Hope For Weak Christian Parents

We are weak Christian parents in need of help! The good news is, there is hope in the Bible for us weak Christian parents. Instead of thinking of the Bible as a guide for living, maybe it’s time we understood it as a way of encountering the Word of God, who is Jesus, and Life Himself.

God Is Expanding

This article speaks on the meaning of life. The metaphysical truth of reincarnation and spiritual evolution is explored.

Can Christians Gamble?

Gambling is an activity that bet on chances to win a prize. Gambling is a sin against God according to the Bible. Examples of gambling activities are gambling at casino, betting on horse race, and buying lottery. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says that those who do not work shall not eat.

Can Christians Drink Alcohol?

Christians can drink alcohol but they should avoid drunkenness. Alcohol drinking can cause various types of problems including health, relationship and etc problems.

Why It’s So Hard For Christians To Live In Cognitive Dissonance

If new people we meet turn out to be totally different than us, it is easy to look down on them just because they might be dirty, unlearned, friendless, hurting, or a myriad of other things. But isn’t the church supposed to be a spiritual hospital to those people who desperately need God the most?

The Creature in the Closet

Good and Evil are real. We have known of the battle since we were small children, but as adults we have taught ourselves to ignore the signs. In fact, you could even say that we have all come to terms with our own creature in the closet. But there is hope, there is a way out of the darkness and into the light of a fulfilled life.

Breaking Out of the Clouds

Traveling by air and breaking out of the clouds can give a three fold perspective on life. There is a similarity between that experience and faith.

Eternity Has No End

I admit this is an extraordinarily powerful subject. It is also of the utmost relevance to everyone. At the outset I need to say that I am sharing the clear teaching of Scripture – God’s inspired and infallible word. Think carefully about these issues. This is an appeal to your mind. I am not appealing to your emotions or trying to bypass your mind. This subject may be the most urgent and compelling I have written – eternity will never end.

Does Belief in God Make Sense?

There are those who claim it is ridiculous to believe that God exists. They believe that it is foolish to believe in something you can’t see. However, there are many things we can’t see and yet know exist. The earth magnetic fields, gravity, radio waves, microwaves, sound, wind, and frequencies, just to name a few. The Bible claims that faith should be based on evidence (Heb. 11:1), so what evidence is there that God exists?

Being Called by God Through Jesus Christ

If you feel you are being called by God for a certain type of ministry, you have to test these feelings, because you can never really trust your own feelings. They might be the result of some hidden experience you already had or from the Devil. Now there are 4 ways in which you can actually test these feelings to see if they really do come from God.

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