What is Mabon?

Between September 19-22, Wiccans and other pagan religions celebrate the lesser sabbat of Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox. Other names for Mabon are the Autumnal Equinox, Foghar, Alban Elfed, Harvest Home, Fruit Harvest and Wine Harvest.

Significance of Olive Wood Gifts From Bethlehem to Christians

Are you planning to visit the Holy Land? If so, then the best thing that you can bring for your friends and relatives from the Holy Land are religious gifts made from olive wood in Bethlehem. A religious gift is the best way to touch the hearts of our loved ones. They can feel so happy when they find that you have brought them some gifts for them from the Holy Land. The most popular type of religious gifts from Holy Land are those that are made from olive wood.

Coming Out of Egypt (4)

“And afterward Moses and Aaron went, and told Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord of Israel, let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness. And Pharaoh said who is the Lord that I should obey his voice to let Israel go? I know not the lord; neither will I let Israel go” (Exodus 5:1-2).

A Morphological Study of Raysheeth – The First World Age

The Bible is considered flawed by its inability to communicate complex scientific principles regarding creation and the existence of Dinosaurs. The Hebrew language is in fact very complex and there is a time period discussed quite frequently that is best described as prehistoric. The Hebrew word from which In the Beginning is translated is Raysheeth. It is a unique word that when used in proper context, corroborates a first world age where dinosaurs and other creatures roamed the lands.

In the Beginning Was the Sacred Breath of Life – The Force That Binds the Elements and Universe

The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit, and The Sacred Breath of Life are all English terms used to describe a the supernatural force that dictates the arrangement and operation of all things. This force is God’s will and it is an entity all to itself. The Sacred Breath of Life is the primary intellectual force used by God to manipulate this dimension of time and space.

Dangerous Worship

Are you worshiping God aright or you are doing it wrongly, are you receiving a blessing or you are incurring a curse when you are worship God. In 1 Chronicles we meet David and all Israel carrying the Ark into seal and as I was reading it was a wonderful revelation about worship altogether.

Renewing the Heart

Before we begin to think about spiritual formation, we must all realize that each of us have a spirit within us. God made us in His image and in doing so provided us with a spirit. That spirit within each of us has been formed and possesses a specific character. The character of our spirit has been formed from the experiences and choices we have lived through.

The Fall of Man – Part 3 – In the Garden – The Woman

The Lord takes a rib out of the woman and forms the woman. It is then that Adam states that the woman is “bone of his bones, and flesh of my flesh.”

The Genetic Remnant of Giants – Biblical Evidence Against the Global Flood of Noah

The Judeo-Christian religious world insists that the flood of Noah destroyed all life on Earth approximately 3500 years ago. We know from the archeological record and the historical records of isolated cultures that many lifeforms indeed had survived. Does this prove that the Bible is incorrect? Not exactly.

In the Midst of Despair

Peace within, not such a complicated word to say, and yet so powerful and such an impossible quest for those who do not understand or do not accept the things of the spirit. We gain peace with God as we walk through the recognition of self rectification with Him…

To Praise God – Why it Can Be the Key to Contentment in Your Life

There really isn’t a bad time or situation to praise God. You may not always feel like it, but the blessings will be well worth it.

Practices of Prayer Through Yoga

When someone begins to speak of the spiritual elements of Yoga or meditation, some automatically label them a hippy or perhaps “out there”. However, it is so important to realize the practical implications of how yoga and meditation can be used for spiritual strength and growth.

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