How I know Revival is Now

The Power of the Eyes

There is power in the physical eyes, but the physical eyes will avail us of nothing if we are surrounded by darkness. There is tremendous power in the perception of eyes.

Simple Rules For Christian Living

If you are sad about all the unfortunate things taking place in the world today and therefore seek salvation in the form of Christian living, then this article is the right place for you to have reached. If you are determined enough, it is still possible to lead a Christian life even in these troubled modern times. Christian living though may seem difficult, is not out of your reach, if you were to be motivated enough to do good for others.

If I Was Like Jesus!

If I was like Jesus I would be kind, and tender and loving and meek, I would show true concern for the hungry and the hurt, I’d be looking at ways to heal the sick, but most importantly I would be truly concerned about bringing them enlightenment, understanding, conscience about sin, and salvation to their souls. But I would also be tough and bold if I was like Jesus; I would be firm and determined to plant on every heart the seed of love.

Jewish Holidays – An Assorted Group

Indeed, the Jewish holidays are such an assorted group that it is hard not to wonder who and why decided things should be the way they are. The fact that some Jewish holidays are so different in their nature and motivations yet are celebrated within days from each other, may strike an outsider as odd. However, one needs to remember that everything in Judaism has an exact reason.

Just One Biblical Argument Against Maya’s Calendar

Fear of death! No matter where it comes from. It is always fear. That is our originally fear, from Eden, when the man for the first time disobeyed God and stepped into a sin (Bible, Gen 3:10). As the fear is one of the strongest emotions, perhaps the strongest one, this issue is very good for manipulations. The Maya’s calendar is only one of many instruments for it.

“The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth,” But Can They Worship God in a Christian Church?

“whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” –for one reason or another did not like to be “churched” and wanted the newer version which was being introduced into the United States by way of the U.K. and Spain. He was cajoled and sought after by the Search committee as a replacement for the pastor who was previously asked to leave. The argument between the traditional and the contemporary, “us and them,” caused a great schism in the church, but not a ‘split’ so that we went separate ways.

The Power of OM

This article reveals that there is something more than emptiness. Even though the universe is mostly space, there is “something” that many masters understand, that is a constant in a universe that is considered not only space but also a place of constant change. Read further to discover more about the sound that designates what many ascetics and spiritualists call The Blessed Divine Presence.

The Table of Undeserving Friends

Are you broken and messed up? Good! You’re invited to the meal of a lifetime…

5 False Similarities Between Large Christian Churches and Casinos

A church is the body of Christ for the edification of the people of God and so far as this definition is not accurately followed, it is no more a church. Even the Bible made it known that on the last days, false prophets shall rise up and try to deceive the chosen ones of God. If such people manifest, then you should know that they are AGAINST God and hence whatever establishments they have is obviously not a church. The church has no functional similarity with a casino is any way.

5 Controversial Differences Seen As Similarities Between Christianity and Islam

Christians never view Muslims as enemies. And let’s leave the Muslims to speak for themselves. But some people are beginning to absorb some misleading issues about the similarities between the two religions, thereby causing Blasphemy, just in the name of making the followers of these two ‘religions’ re-think and unite. This should never be. If we want to unite, we should use our own human instincts and maturity, our ‘sense of responsibility’ and ‘sense of peace’ to do so and not trying to manipulate the word of God.

Yeah! I Do Believe in a Supreme Being, Does That Make Me Weird?

Spiritual belief is one area or aspect of Man which has brought a lot of arguments, debates and even conflicts even as far as wars. But what about it!

Should We Blame God For All the Poverty and War?

In today’s world, many events are happening and bad occurrences keep on occurring. And people begin to wonder if there is really a supreme being called God. Some blame Him for the existence of poverty and others say He should have known how to prevent war. Is there really God?

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