How MUCH You Need God!!! | TB Joshua Sermon

Eastern Religions and Their Differences

Every religion has different specific characteristics which sets that particular religion apart from others. Sacred elements are what helps set the different religious groups apart as well as have their people feel more at one with the religion.

Life Of St Dominic – Part 1

If you read about the history of the Holy Rosary, you’ll notice that the most important Saint among others who influenced the development and the evolution of the Holy Rosary is St. Dominic of Osma. We’ll cover the most important events in the life of St. Dominic.

Christian Men’s Ministry

Are you wondering how a Christian men’s ministry might benefit you? In today’s world, more than ever before, people need a strong foundation in order to live solid lives. This article will explain how a men’s ministry can help today’s men become leaders in their families and their communities.

The Time of Tribulations

Many are the varied views of different religions on the issue of the great tribulations. A new twist to it.

What’s Going to Happen To Me When I Die?

“Will God really take care of me when I die Dad?” This was a question thatΒ I asked my dad. Without hesitation he replied yes. “Of course God will take care of you son. You will go to heaven.”

The Story of Healer John of God Is Far From Unique

His story was recently made more famous by Oprah, but his identity is truly shocking. Think you know the story of John of God from watching the news? The truth will make you question everything you have ever heard.

Beware Of The Letter Pad Evangelist

Many have heard of the Internet scams from Africa that begins with an email telling of someone who has a large sum of money in a foreign bank and needs help accessing it. They ask you to help them secure the funds and they ask you for money to show that you are honest and not in it to take advantage of them while they are taking advantage of you. In the age of the Internet there are many other scams that have been invented to fleece people out of their money.

Once-Saved-Always-Saved Is A Deadly Lie

The religious doctrine of once-saved-always-saved is a deadly lie used by Satan to steal souls. Jesus exposes the lie and then gives us a loving alternative.

Is Hell Real?

Is hell real? I have to believe heaven and hell are real because the bible says they are, and this backed by reports of people who have been to heaven and hell that have been sent back to earth.

Jewish Jewelry and More: The History of Chai

Judaism is a religion that is rich in both culture and tradition. Like other religions, there are certain symbols associated with Judaism. The most popular symbol that both both Jews and non-Jews know about is the Star of David.

Lord Jesus There Is None Like You – You Are My Everything

In a world that is going a hundred miles an hour, with television selling a myriad of products and so many messages out there for the undiscerning among us, people would have to ask is Jesus Christ really relevant today? Yes and yes, The Lord Jesus is vital and full of love and answers in this two bit broken down world. Read on…

Why Do Some Churches Stereotype a Christian Rapper? Part Two

Now, it’s the dress and slang of Christian rappers that offends most people (because it’s different from traditional church garb, and we always hate different). However, there are many other aspects and things from the worldly culture being injected into the church for God’s use.

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