How To Be A Biblical Man


What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a religion that teaches the good news that Jesus Christ came to earth to rescue mankind from sin, death and eternal punishment in hell. This is accomplished through his birth, life, death, resurrection and teachings.

Christianity is based on the Bible, which is considered God’s Word (Psalm 119:89). Its central message is that through Jesus Christ, mankind can be saved from sin and have a relationship with God.

The Christian faith is an inclusive one, accepting all people regardless of age, sex or economic status. It also has a different approach to religious practices than other religions.

Christians believe that Jesus came to earth as the Son of God, fully man and fully God. He died on a cross to pay the sin debt of all mankind, rose from the dead and now lives at the right hand of the Father making intercession for his followers forever.

Many Christians believe that they are justified or made righteous by their belief in Jesus Christ and by living a holy life. This is called justification by grace through faith, or salvation.

Casting out demons – The early church believed that demonic powers were real and active in the world. These demons were believed to be responsible for evil in the world and in the lives of Christians.

Healing the sick – Christians believe that they can receive healing from God when they are suffering or experiencing a difficult time in their lives. This can be done through prayer and sometimes through physical healing or other spiritual gifts.

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