How to break a UNGODLY SOUL TIE!πŸ™Œ #shorts

Modern Day Fairy Tale – War of the Creator of the Universe Vs Religious Humanism-Individual Autonomy

Once upon a time in a land very near, there were beautiful maidens everywhere. Their beauty captured your attention because you were not distracted by low cut necklines and short hem lines. Mature maidens were a model for the young maidens. Young gentlemen were taught to respect and protect the maidens in the land. Because this is not truly a modern day fairy tale all was not utopia. However, in as much as the maidens and gentlemen respected God’s law and order there was harmony in the land.

7 Reasons Why the World Struggles With Inauthentic Christians – Written by a Christian

A decade ago, a majority of U.S. 16-29 year olds were favorably disposed towards Christianity. Today it’s only 16% (3% towards evangelical Christians). Why? This article explores seven reasons.

Faith “Privatized,” Packaged and “Cooked to Go!”

It’s actually old news that people in our now-Globalised world will have their faith sprinkled with salt and seasoned to taste – That occurred sometime about twenty or thirty years ago now. Forget sin and Christ crucified for our saving, faith suddenly needed to be “good to go,” something that applied and fitted appropriately to one’s exact self-molded needs.

Power to the People Not to the Preacher

The moment a church takes upon itself the glory of the congregation, or the moment a preacher begins to pose like a star, the magic of Christianity stops working and the faulty judgment of “worldly wisdom” takes over. It is one of the Zen like characteristics of a faith in the spirit, that the more you adopt it as your symbol of power, the quicker its power departs.

The Virgin Mary – Are Her Messages Being Suppressed?

Have government and Vatican officials suppressed reported messages from the Virgin Mary? One civil rights lawyer’s research suggests they have.

Joy and Troubles

We do not like troubles, problems and difficulties. They obstruct our desires and interrupt our plans. We prefer life that proceeds without blistering winds and stormy waves. Unfortunately, that is not our life, at least not this side of heaven.

Jesus Christ, Our Rock of the Ages

Men through the centuries have rallied their fury against Christ. They have failed to realize and recognize that no powers of earth and hell combined can chip a fragment from the Rock of Ages.

Commentary on Mark 8:35 – 38

These verses at the end of Mark 8 are some of Jesus’ last teachings to His disciples. Jesus knew what was going to happen to Himself and His disciples in the near future, and we can glean some lessons from His teaching.

Take Up His Cross and Follow Me

Many people have read the verse in Mark 8:34 where Jesus tells His disciples that they should take up their cross and follow Him. What does “take up his cross” mean? It certainly doesn’t sound like encouraging words you would expect a leader to say when He is searching for followers.

Religious Comfort in Eternal Torture

This provides a line of religious followers with a comfortable feeling that someone will be taking care of them after they die and that their life isn’t going to end. There are actually quite a few people who believe this and the fear of not being able to enter these wonderful places or be reincarnated, will actually keep them in check. These people will remain decent and moral people, because they’re afraid of the penalties if they aren’t.

Radical Atheist Asks a Simple Question

The one video I was watching the other day showed a radical atheist asking a simple question that he couldn’t even receive a simple answer for. This question wasn’t that difficult, and the answers can often be twisted and manipulated to make sense to some people, but to this man, the answers weren’t making any sense and he persistently kept asking the question, receiving a variety of responses that were not satisfactory to him.

Jade Ring

Jade Ring tells a dreaming story that profoundly affected my spirituality. The sailor owned a rather large silver ring. Decorating the ring was a fingernail size, green jade stone. He always wore it.

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