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How Old Are the Stars? What Does the Bible Say?

From the Biblical point of view, espoused by Historic Orthodox Christianity through the 2,000 years of the Church history and by every reputable scientist in the field up until the 1800s, the heavenly bodies-the planets, the sun, the moon, the stars-were all created in 24 hours. They are four days less than being as old as the earth.

Christian Dance Revolution – Liturgical Dance on the Rise!

Christian dance allows us to worship God with our complete being, and is a tremendous declaration of praise to God. Dance has unremittingly played an significant part in the earnest expression of Jewish and Christian adoration.

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – The Third Witness – Baptism in Fire

Are you a Christian? Have you ever had problems or a tragedy that shook you to your core? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this happening to me?”

A Life Filled With Miracles!

To those who do not want to see, the life of a Christian is nothing else but a series of curious coincidences, flukes of sort, as many calls them. This is an aspect which can only be resolved by personal experience, and that personal experience cannot be gained unless a person becomes a follower of Christ. Interesting, isn’t it?

How Does God React to Our Sins?

God loves us and wants to keep us to himself, making sure we are not contaminated but remain pure before him. He reacts when we are defiled by sin because he is righteous and cannot put up with unrighteousness. When we therefore choose to dwell in sin, he reacts negatively toward our decision.

Coping With Job Loss – 5 Reasons Why God May Have Wanted You to Lose Your Job

The sudden transition from being employed to now being unemployed is a very challenging and frightening one. However, it’s possible that God may have actually wanted you to lose your job. Please, don’t be offended. Instead, try to imagine that this is at all possible, and if so, investigate why.

Why We All Need Jesus Christ

Sin reduced man far below the level God placed him at the beginning and separated him from his maker, therefore making it impossible for him to realize his full potential and enjoy all the promises God made for him. Man therefore needs Jesus Christ to help him out of his predicament since he cannot help himself no matter how much he tries to.

Outdoor Christian Crosses – Best Placements For Them If at All by Churches Today

Certain newer churches today are placing their crosses on the sides of their buildings, or on the church grounds themselves where they are called landscape crosses. These lower-placed crosses might be vulnerable to theft or vandalism. But, they offer easier construction and lower-maintenance costs. But do other symbolic images emerge from these placements?

Who Should We Love?

Love is one of ingredients that keep the world moving: without it there would be lots of hate, prejudice, murder, oppression, victimization, etc. But as believers there is a standard set for us by our Lord Jesus Christ, which we must follow religiously if we’re to be like him.

Amazing Facts About Israel and Israel Tourism

Not too many people realize or appreciate how amazing Israel and Israel Tourism are. Why do I combine the terms together? Let me use just a few facts and figures to explain my point, which literally speak volumes.

Robert Murray M’Cheyne and His Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Rev. John J. Murray of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) gave a lecture on Robert Murray M’Cheyne at the 2006 Family Conference of the Presbytery of the United States. Rev. Murray, author of Behind a Frowning Providence, and Robert Murray M’Cheyne: The Making of a Man of God, ministered to congregations in Oban and Edinburgh, Scotland, until his retirement in 2002. He is presently an assistant editor of The Banner of Truth Magazine.

Apostolic Sermon – Lies and Deception in the Church

There was a well respected man, a devoted believer, by human standards he was upright and religious. He took the stage to start ministering at a crusade that was revealed to me 7 years ago in a dream. All of a sudden in the revelation, the spirit of God overwhelmed me where I was sitting.

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