An Authentic Way Of Elucidating The Mankind On Vastu

VastuShastra was brought into the limelight for the benefit of human welfare by sages in the Vedic period. Vastu acts as the bridge between nature and man. Essentially, every thing is connected with five elements – Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth.

The Explicit Benefits Of Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is based on the old-fashioned astronomy and calendars. The development of Chinese’s fortune telling is tied to that of astronomy that came to flourish during the period of the Han Dynasty (1406-256 BC). Chinese fortune telling is one of the oldest forms of Astrology; the genesis of naming the years after animals are unknown.

To Surrender or Resist – The Great Question of Life

The secret to life is the knowledge of God. When we understand that surrender means life and resistance means death, suddenly we know an easy choice. We lose our lives to save them. But if we insist on keeping our lives we do immediately lose them. Surrender is life.

Christians Should Not Be Judgmental

It is easy judging others because of the way they act or the way they worship. We have a tendency to want others to act the way we act and when they do not then we find fault in them and as far as worshiping the Lord if someone does not worship the way we do then we might think that they are not saved; this should not be happening in the household of faith.

Faith’s Building Blocks of Hope

There is a vast and sharp difference between a plethora of vain hopes we place our faith in and the one and only Living Hope: righteousness in Jesus’ name based on the blood of his once-for-all-and-once-for-all-time sacrifice. There is evidence of the intention of our hope in the way of both results: vain glory and true glory. We may say we believe and worship the Saviour, but if our living falls short in conceited narcissism – because we are too arrogantly ignorant to notice our selfish pride – then we defeat only ourselves. But we also denigrate the name of God in the process. Would God even get a look-in against the conceitedness of our pride? When we live subject to Christ, though, by many a manifestation of surrendered allegiance of care beyond merely our own gain, we attest to the True Living Hope: Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

Toward a Sense of Belonging

Why would we sit together in a circle at a picnic or gathering when we could otherwise sit away from each other? Why is it that we feel drawn to engaging the only other person in a room we’re in? It’s because we have the innate desire to connect, evidenced if nothing else by our yearning that nobody should be ignored by us; that we might appear rude.

Living the Silent Night of the Soul Reality

In honouring the Giver of Life we were given to life in order that we would live in ways pleasing, as it were, to the will of God. Such a vision – the Self free from its broken self – is heavenly, and entirely of God’s original design. Imagine this reality: it’s something like a silent night of the soul – where we would be salaciously harmonious in movement, state, and being. It’s something like living as we would in Heaven, but here on Earth.

“Apostles” Intercept The Truth In Our Day

Throughout history many have called themselves apostles, in the Christian meaning of that word. Even in our day a great number of people try to wear that title.

Walk Of Faith: Knowing That The Kingdom Of God Is Within Us

Luke 17: 20-21 the kingdom of God does not come with observation nor will they say, see here or see there; for indeed, the kingdom of God is within you. Jesus said that the kingdom of God does not come with observation, if not by sight then it must be by revelation and that cannot be obtained without a renewal of the mind.

The Philosophy Of The Extreme Religious Right

The majority of churches, religious institutions and prominent religious individuals, though deluded IMHO, are for the most part, most of the time, middle-of-the-road and live-and-let-live. But as any probability statistician can relate to, there will be minorities on either side of that road. One side of that religious road, the Right side, are not only in your face but hold opinions (usually stated as facts) and philosophies that are anything but the normal mainstream. In fact they are extreme.

Evangelicals – A New Religion?

How do we decide what is the heart of Christianity? Is it love, forgiveness, not judging others, caring for the poor and the defenceless – just how do we decide? Perhaps we should also consider the place of Jesus himself, and his death and resurrection. But is anyone close to original Christianity? What yardstick shall we use to check this out?

Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord

Nowhere in the Bible does God promise that life will be all good and easy when we become Christians. In this article, the writer reminds us that God invites us to cast all of our cares upon Him.

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