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Prayer Without Ceasing

“Pray without ceasing” is not just an idealistic suggestion, it is a necessary and vital part of our walk with God while here on foreign soil. It is the solution to roller coaster Christianity. It is the spiritual Weed-B-Gon or Roundup that will keep the cares of this world from overtaking us. It will prevent the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things from entering in, choking the word, and becoming unfruitful.

A Christian Perspective on Senior Care

Senior care is an important issue today with changes coming in health care and the ever increasing costs. But what does the Bible tell us about senior care?

Why Non-Christians Are Offended by the Bible

It’s not uncommon as you look around the web to see angry comments on Christian blogs and articles, often from non-Christians who don’t like what the Christian article says. So, why is there so much anger?

Are You Serving God – The Wrong Way?

Have you ever really poured yourself into a task which seemed to you to be absolutely right and godly – only to have it “blow up in your face”? Do you find yourself wondering where God is, or why He hasn’t blessed your efforts to serve Him?

Is the King James Version the Only Legitimate Version of the Bible?

Christians often have a preferred version of the Bible. Some even believe that their version is the only version that anyone should ever use. Most commonly this is found with the King James Version. So, is the King James Version the only legitimate version of the Bible?

Can Deceased People Make Phone Calls Home?

Can the dead make phone calls? This strange phenomenon has occurred for decades but what kind of evidence is there to actually support the claims of purported phone calls from the dead.

Wisdom Is Calling to You, Part 5

God knows that people process information differently. So, He got creative and had the writers of the Bible state the same concepts in a variety of ways.

Wisdom Is Calling to You, Part 4: The Fruit of Wisdom

The Bible tells us that Wisdom is primary. It is the one thing we should seek after first.

The Early History of Mormonism and Its Temples

A brief, but informative look at the early temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose behind these sacred buildings and their role in the history of Mormonism.

How To Get Christmas Toys On A Budget

Buying Christmas toys can be a chore, especially if you are working on a small budget. There are some creative things you can do, as well as places you may not have considered looking at when buying your Christmas toys.

An Act Of God Vs An Inaction Of God

Humans can and do die prematurely through no apparent fault of their own. It’s a common feature on the news. It’s reasonable to ask who’s responsible. There are various agencies that can be held accountable: God, Mother Nature and Mankind. Since God is allegedly the Top Banana, the buck stops with Him when it comes to a ‘please explain’ those premature deaths. So, here’s an analysis of possible explanations with God taking centre stage.

Human Beings Being Human

The fact of being human means we’re so capable of forgetting what being human entails, as we’re just so capable of being errantly human within our human beings. There is nothing so common as human beings being human. What more reason do we need for the compassion of grace than that?

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