How to Get to Know the Holy Spirit More Deeply

Neuroscience, Madness or Christianity

I am deeply concerned about how secularism and atheistic humanism are influencing the way our new generation of young people think. I am not merely concerned about the shifting balance of conservative influence in institutions of higher learning. I am talking about the implied ‘junk status’ of humanity in general through an atheistic and humanistic view of neuroscience in a setting of evolutionary anthropology, as if this was scientific truth.

Prayer for God’s Mercy

When we have sinned, upon our repentance, we are one honest moment from the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Never better is there than the matter of solemn prayer; to pray for insight, for salvation, for courage, and for faith.

Taking Control of Your Life, Today

The practical considerations of taking control of our lives shouldn’t be thought of as thwarting God’s purposes to the end of our disobedience. On the contrary, we ought to take control of our lives, making out of them testimonies of glory to God’s faithfulness. We do this by receiving our call and living it out as God’s workmanship, created to do good works.

“Tongues” and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The subject of “tongues” and the baptism of the Holy Spirit have been taken over by “extremists” on both sides of the issue. One side denies their biblical usage and availability within contemporary Christianity. And, the other side has perverted their usage by ignoring and disobeying the biblical guidelines governing them.

Do You Aim For God’s Mark?

You are good person. We are all innately good people. But we all do bad things. We all sin. Find out why; learn about the devastation that that behavior can leave in its wake; and discover how you can be released from these cycles of bondage.

Do Not Worry

Our delima is that when we hear “take no thought” we draw the straightest line we can to “take no involvement in”. We think we need not worry because we think we will escape that which causes the worry. Somehow we will remove ourselves (or be removed) from the turmoil of a situation.

2 Simple Ways To Kill Fear!

This success article will be discussing one of the most formidable enemies of our success aspirations – FEAR. Yes, it is a formidable enemy and it can also be an important weapon in the hands of the devil to keep you unproductive.

To Reject Gods Word

We are well aware what suffering sins can produce. There are many today that suffer because of their sinful choices, many are in prison, many are dieing because their choices overwhelm them. Families are torn apart and many times its the children that suffer. God states that we are not to avenge evil done unto us, for vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay.

Church Security in Light of Latest Shooting

The echo of a shot rings throughout the sanctuary. Oh no, we have an armed intruder in the building; what do we do. This should be a forethought, not a response. Even churches need security for their staff and congregation.

Living for Truth by Divine Revelation

We are, by nature, deceivers of ourselves. Think of many things that we intentionally forget – like, for me, the time last year I chose to resent a tiny matter regarding someone’s rejection to promote a book I had just had published. Only recently did I consciously bear the truth of that resentment. Even though the resentment was small, it was no less real. I believe God only made this known to me because I invite the revelation of truth via prayer. I was then able forgive the person; they communicated clearly to me, which is all anyone can ask. The sin was mine. I owned it and I repented.

Universalism, 7 – Jesus and Universalism (5)

Here are some of the most serious warnings Jesus ever gave about eternity. Not all men will be saved. This is a given in the Bible.

Grace, Love and the Spiritual Gifts

By our spiritual gifts we give to others by the grace of God to induce joy in them. And others, by their gifts, love us likewise to the amounting of thankfulness within our hearts. And so the Christian world revolves; each building the other up from everlasting to everlasting – until our King returns.

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