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The Host of Heaven Will Fall Down at the End of the Day

There are no such places as heaven and hell as one can only feel when in a living body. Dead nerves have no feeling. This is the message that precedes the prophecy that the host of heaven will fall down. Reincarnation and being alive is the promise for those who are worthy of the inheritance promised for the children of God.

Who Are The Spiritual People of God and the Children of Israel?

The Spiritual of God are not the followers of religion, according to the visions and knowledge given to me. They are those who were seeded with Spirit at the beginning of the day and have remained true to it to the end.

The Spiritual People of God Have Been Tried, Tested, Broken, Rebuilt, Refined and Reincarnated

My reincarnation is fresh in my mind and the knowledge brought with me prepared me for the job ahead. Now the visions and commissions given to me are being fulfilled as the Spirit reaches out to its own.

The Evening Sacrifice – What Does It Mean?

There is much in the Old Testament that is now coming true. Prophecies given by the Spirit for the Children of Israel describe the plan of God and the end of the day of the lord.

Reincarnation Is Taboo in Religious Circles

We have all reincarnated and the prophecies in the Old Testament are being fulfilled. Judgment is taking place right now and those who are not of God are being punished and done away with. It’s happening on a universal scale.

Gay Marriage Is a Religious Thing and It Is Not From God

Marriage is not from God and if it were there would never be a divorce. Its origin is in the Islamic practices of Babylon that were taken to the West by the Amors. They became the Romans and the founders of Christianity and other branches of Islam.

Islam Was the First Ever Religion

The Spirit God was never on a cross and the notions that the so-called Son of God is part of a god-head of three parts is outrageous and wrong. The Indian Vedic Trinity and Krishna played a large part in bringing this notion to the fore.

A Wellness Perspective on Death in a World Without Meaning: Guidelines for an Exuberant Existence

If life has no objective meaning applicable to all humans, is that good news or bad news. In this essay, I suggest it does not matter who votes “good,” who “bad.” What matters is what to make of it, if true, and I believe it is. This essay addresses a few of the issues connected with trying to live well with your own purposes, in a manner consistent with a high quality of life existence.

Should The Catholic Church Make Saints of Past Popes?

Every organization needs its heroes and inspiration. One of the best ways to see hold a group together is to honor the leadership post-mortem for their contributions, giving the future leadership a high bar to shoot for. Let’s talk about all this, specifically the Catholic Church and the canonizing of past Popes.

You’re Fired!

‘You’re fired!’ The firing of a celebrity sports personality creates a media sensation. We get drawn into the drama of their rise and fall from prominence. So much depends on individual performance, club rankings and commercial success, or the lack of it. But why do we get so wrapped up with this, as if our own identity was somehow involved? Are these actors on the world stage playing for us – and are we participating in and re-living their drama through them? And does this shed light on what we think of ourselves?

If You Keep Your Emotions Under Control, God Will Too

Is God emotional? I’ve seen some Christians go apoplectic over this topic, because it’s one of those subjects that can easily polarize Christians very quickly. This article will provide some clarity on the topic.

Christian Conscience in War

All Christians believe that conscience is a God-given gift to warn us when we take the wrong path. Yet contrary to expectation conscience often seems a poor guide, even in the life of the Christian. It is most needed when prejudice and tradition lead men astray yet here, for some reason, it seems strangely ineffective. So we had better start by asking what Christianity teaches about conscience.

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