How to Hear the Voice of God Clearly and More Often

Running the Race of Redemption

Living life in, what I term, live time, is about understanding even a fragment of the scope and capacity of present time and our ability to act in it. We have been given this God-anointed Power to live and breathe and work and enjoy and love people. We have total freedom in that – freedom enough even to reject fanciful lifestyles in order to self-qualify for salvation living.

Most Prominent Torah Portion

“Vayechi” is Hebrew for “and he lived.” It is the 12th weekly Torah portion read by Jews on the Sabbath sometime in December or January. This part corresponds to the book of Genesis, 47:28-50:26 in the Christian Bible and deals with the death of Jacob. One of the themes of this portion is that the character of a culture or civilization is at least partially revealed by how it treats its dead. This makes a stark distinction between the holy disposition of a deceased body according to recognized Jewish law. Another lesson to take from this portion has to do with life, not death. More specifically, it deals with how to live a moral and ethical life in the face of the trials and tribulations of a difficult world.

Those Shocking Religious Laws

The divinely inspired laws of Moses feature an eye for an eye judicial system and stoning to death of adulterers. Can we look to Moses for guidance in a modern world of genetic engineering, assisted reproductive technologies, “partners” and same sex marriage? Blake and Mouton’s management theories and Kohlberg’s stages in moral development suggest that Moses’ primitive guidelines could still be relevant. The stage of moral development of many people today is, with all due respects, not so high that they (and society in general) could not benefit in some contexts from a more primitive system.

Pope Issues Warning About Eroding Religious Liberty

On January 19th, Pope Benedict XVI warned of “grave threats” to religious liberty in the United States. He called on American Catholics to respond to such threats with intelligence and courage.

American Buddhism

Historically, Buddhism has taken on the culture to which it has migrated, and I believe that American Buddhism will be no exception. I further think that American values will reflect deeply in the Buddhisms that eventually become “American Buddhisms.” But what are present American values?

The Joys of Living a Life of Giving

There are many ways to give, and not all of them include money. Today, I am going to talk about the joy I find in giving, and I pray that it will inspire you to give more.

Did James Teach A Different Gospel?

Paul said we are justified by faith in Christ. James said we are justified by works. Did they preach a different gospel to each other?

What Is the Seal of God in the Book of Revelation?

The book of Revelation speaks of a “seal” that is given to God’s people in the last days before Christ returns. This article explores Bible evidence as to what this seal of God could be, and whether it is a physical or spiritual mark.

Vision Comes Before Action

If you can get into the habit of clearing away the confusion and drama of everyday life, and widening your view to your over-arching vision, this vision can guide you all year long. You can refer to it every time you sit down to do a task, have a conversation or lead from the pulpit.

Some Reasons Your Personal Prophecy Might Not Come to Pass

There are many people in the Christian community that doubt their personal prophecies that have been spoken over their life by someone. There are a few reasons why a personal prophecy may seem not to come to pass that I can think of, and this is the subject of this article.

Jesus’ Closest Disciples Wanted Positions of Power in the New Kingdom, Do We Also?

The mother of James and John, the two sons of Zebedee, came to Jesus and asked Him boldly if her two sons could sit on the right and the left of Jesus in the new kingdom. Jesus said that decision was up to His Father, but the story raises an interesting point. Do we want positions of power in the new kingdom?

Living the Life of the Cross

Jesus told his disciples and those that were listening to Him that if they wanted to follow after Him, they would have to first deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Him. Many people hear those words, and if you are like me, are in the dark as to what they mean. During recent years I have come to know what those words mean in a simple way, and that is what I am going to share with you in this article.

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