How to Know if You are Ready for Marriage (Animated)

Prayer to St Jude For Hopeless Causes

Pray to St. Jude, the Patron Saint for hopeless cases or lost causes, when your situation seems beyond all hope. St. Jude has interceded in miraculous ways for countless people. Turn to St. Jude in faith.

Massacre in the Marketplace

Crime in the workplace. It’s everywhere and it’s going to continue. We Christians have the answer to the problem. So, why does it persist?

The True Grace of God

The reason I have entitled this article as the True grace of God, is because I believe the majority of professing Christians in the world today have misunderstood what the grace of God truly means for our lives. So many people who believe in Christ Jesus are continuing to walk in their old worldly ways and sins, because they believe that the grace of God “covers” their sinful ways enabling them to continue therein. Are they right?

Your Words Can Make Or Mar You

You’ve got to learn to speak good things about yourself, it is very essential to say positive things about yourself. Let me remind you that the whole creation is a product of words, everything in the universe respond to words. Joshua spoke to the sun and the moon and they stood still: Moses was commanded to speak to the rock to bring forth water: Jesus spoke to the raging waves of the sea (that is, a great storm) and there was a perfect calmness.

How Innocent Are We?

Sixth Commandment “You shall not murder.” Okay let me fess up; I am innocent on this commandment. I never killed anyone or intend to kill anyone. Like the Pharisees, I am clean in regards to this law. That is until I dig deeper in how Jesus expanded this commandment.

Understanding the True Meaning of God’s Grace

Religion can be negative to many, who would perceive it as moralistic, judgmental, and even condemning. In short, to many, religion has the connotation of rejection.

Secret of Blessing – Giving to the Poor

When you GIVE to the poor, there is a divine flow that causes you never to lack good things in you life. Giving to the poor is an investment that yields greater dividend than any shares you can buy from any viable company on earth.

Bible Verses Inspirational – Teaching Inspiration in Today’s Age Through Bible Verses

Find inspiration in your bible. Find good verses that make you feel better and spread the message around Inspirational Bible verses can be easy to find with this method.

“Jesus Died on the Cross For You,” the Pastor Said

Perhaps, you have talked to a man of the cloth who has told you all about Jesus Christ, our Savior. Perhaps, this individual has quoted scripture, and shown how Jesus Christ led a perfect life, but unfortunately, was crucified by those which were unfaithful, the pagans who did not believe in his God. Not long ago, I was at a Starbucks, and someone offered to invite me to a local church barbecue.

“God Sacrificed His Only Son For You,” the Preacher Said

It seems that everywhere you go there is a devout Christian waiting to preach the word of God, his God, to you. Part of the Christian faith is to spread the word of God, their God to everyone they meet. They feel is their duty to their God to spread his words, and tell everyone all about the teachings of his only son Jesus Christ.

You Can Only Find Your Life When You Lose it

The Bible says that in Christ Jesus we are a new creation. Only by putting away the old man can we have renewed life. Only by losing everything can we find what really matters.

Are the Mormons a Secret Cult?

There is no question that the Mormons have some very interesting and unique views. For example, Roman Catholics became very concerned because the Mormons were taking the names of deceased people and performing baptisms in order to make them Mormons.

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