The Basics of Christianity

Christianity is a religion that combines beliefs from ancient Judaism with elements from the dominant culture of the Roman Empire. It is the world’s largest religion with over 2.2 billion followers.

Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God and was sent to earth to die in place of sinners. He died to take away the punishment of sin (death), and to make it possible for believers to have a relationship with God.

In order for believers to be saved, they must repent and trust in Christ as their Savior. This repentance is not simply a change in behavior, but a change of heart.

A new life in Christ gives believers the ability to be right with God (Romans 4:20). This is done by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside each Christian.

Acts of healing are a natural part of the Christian experience. They are a way of demonstrating the power of God’s kingdom.

When a person is baptized in Christ, they are made a child of God and receive the benefits of the new life that comes with Christ’s death and resurrection. This includes forgiveness of their sins, entrance into a new family relationship with God and His people, and an ongoing presence of the Holy Spirit within them.

Deliverance, casting out demons, healing the sick and miracle healing are all common practices in Christianity. They are not as widespread as many other religious rituals, but they are followed by a significant number of people around the world.

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