How To Practice “Expecting Faith” #shorts #short

Students in Christian Schools: Transformation or Indoctrination?

Teachers are often disappointed when they don’t see the end product they were expecting to see. This disappointment is especially painful among Christian educators. This article explores the importance of transformation and the dangers of mere indoctrination.

Removing The Rubbish

I wonder how much rubbish is in our lives? What is it that we keep stumbling over and wrecking the work we have tried to do? Why don’t we stop and spend some time cleaning out the things we keep stumbling over?

Same-Sex Marriage – What’s That About Respecting Equality?

Cool heads are not so easy to find in this discussion. At some levels it has virtually reached fever pitch – witness the antagonistic debate in France at the present time. So, if this is all about the equal civil rights of people to same-sex marriage, how could anyone have a problem with that? This is where we need a little overview.

God Leads Us In The Path Of Righteousness

Recently I was reading Psalm 91 and suddenly I heard in my spirit Psalm 23; I finished reading Psalm 91 then I turned to Psalm 23. I started reading it not knowing what I was looking for but I was being obedient to the voice of the Spirit; when I got to verse three of Psalm 23 I experienced a burning in my heart and I knew that I was headed in the right direction in my spiritual life.

Worship Without Words and Music Part 2

Can we worship beyond music or words. Can we worship beyond Sunday and the truth is there is so much out beyond music and beyond words that is worship. Worship alone is a lifestyle of glorifying God and it already goes beyond what we call the norm. in this article we look at the meaning of worship and we start from there

Healthy Eating (on a Budget)

Since God wants us to take care of our bodies, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about healthy eating lately. It is unfortunate that most people think eating healthy is very costly (i.e. must buy all organic, expensive ingredients, etc.) That is simply not true. You can eat very healthy on a budget. It just takes a lot more time.

The Ministry Of Angels

Angels in both the Old Testament as well as the New were sent to teach, strengthen, deliver, protect and lead God’s children. We in the Church today in an effort to stay away from angel worship have sadly neglected one of the Lord’s primary ways of helping us. As the wicked end-time, approaches we can no longer afford to do this.

Ecumenism Vs Sound Doctrine

In the church there is a lot of talk of ecumenism these days. However, efforts for ecumenism are often blunted by people advocating their doctrine. So, which is more important, ecumensims or sound doctrine?

What Is “Sin”? Who Cares?

We hear the word sin used quite bit in our society, but what does it really mean? And do you even really need to care?

Reflections and Images

Taking two pictures – each from a front facing camera – had some unusual results. This also led to a thought provoking reflection on spiritual images.

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 – Did The Apostle Paul Bring His Body Into Subjection?

This article is a tricky one, because at the outset I was not sure of its outcome. It was also written with the background noise of the anti-Pauline gospel brigades out there in cyber space. This noise is a very evil noise and it’s getting louder as each week passes. This is probably just more evidence of us living in the last days. The Adversary is not a happy bunny, so all you good people who are into The Truth please combat these anti-Paul people whenever and wherever you can.

Psalm 23 – The Divine Shepherd

Psalm 23 is a well loved psalm that has brought encouragement to many believers. In that psalm we learn about a loving God who meets all of our needs.

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