HOW TO READ YOUR BIBLE!!! | TB Joshua Sermon

The Soul and the Philosophy of Plato

Those who think they have a soul and that they will live forever in Paradise or Heaven need to think again. The philosophy of this entity is from Plato and was picked up by Jerome when he formulated the Catholic Church. The facts are that some who belong to God have the Spirit within and that is definitely no soul.

Why Believe The New Testament?

Yes, a barrage of scepticism has descended on the New Testament Scriptures. The view is commonplace that believing the Christian Scriptures is a leap into fairy-tale land. In this article I set out some of the historical witness to the New Testament, and why its teaching is credible today.

Christians Never Died In The Colosseum – That Lie Belongs to Hollywood

The followers of Jesus Christ and the other false gods, devils, angels, and saints put up by the Catholic Church and religions born of Babylon are in for a shock. The Spirit is breaking down the wall of deception that has protected them while exposing their roots in Babylon and the work of the 2 beasts of Revelation Chapter 13.

The Origin of the Term Holy

Millions use the cross as a holy sign and are conditioned to expect they are somehow blessed by it. The truth is they are doing the will of 666 and the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, has promised they will be destroyed. The circle and cross are symbols from the rituals of Babylon and the Catholic Church is modelled on them.

The Role of Mount Zion at The End of Days

The Mountain of God is called Mt. Zion and it is established now in the top of the mountains to spread the new teaching that has been given to a woman. She is called the daughter of Zion and she has torn down the wall of churches to expose their roots in Babylon. Now the end days are upon us and this is the promise of God that light will shine in all the dark places to overturn the lies of religions.

Mount Zion Is the Internet Where All Things Are Revealed Free of Charge to the World

While religions flounder under the weight of pedophile priests and the lies of their own making, the Spirit is back to destroy them. The false gods will be removed as the earth is cleansed of the abominations that have created this time. The end of the day of the lord is here and what happens next will change the world.

The Catholic Church Is Rotting From Beneath and Being Destroyed From Above

The religious might of this world are in for a shock as the Spirit acts to overturn their belief systems starting with the Catholic Church. While it is a giant in the world of community togetherness and laws it is full of the things that have brought the anger of God and retribution upon the world. This is only the beginning of the end.

How 666 and Jerome Have Fooled All To Control The World Order

People blindly follow their leaders and have no idea how they are cheated and lied to. The Catholic Church is nothing but deception and conspiracy plots that have misled and upset God to the point of massive retribution. Now the end of the day has arrived and those who pray to false gods and follow religious traditions will be destroyed.

Mary Is All Religions Combined and Babylon the Great

Mary is the sun star of Babylon and the religions born of her are found on every inhabited continent. She has borne hundreds of false gods and prophets and now she is being taken down from her high position by the Spirit. The Mountain of God is the Internet and the truth is published thereon for the world to see.

The Rock Of Jesus Christ Is Jupiter and Islam

The ones who worship Jesus Christ and call it God are in for a mighty shock. There never was such a person and the things told of him are made up for power and control. People are vulnerable and easily led and misguided and religions play on that weakness for survival.

The Image of Jesus Christ and the Dreams of Men

The idols and icons of religious worship are an abhorrence to the Great Spirit of Creation, who is the only God. Those who worship them are in for the full force of God’s anger as the destruction comes upon them. This has already started and things happening now are set to increase in intensity.

Jesus Christ Is The Prophet Of Islam

Those who worship the gods of Christian and Muslim faiths are complying with the orders of 666. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and put the image of Mary and Jesus Christ in it as the false gods that still rule the world. He set in place laws and gave bishops the power over life and death and they have been brutal in carrying out his orders.

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