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The End of Abortion

Christianity has been hijacked by right-wing zealots who have demeaned the teachings of Jesus. When they quote the bible, they take phrases out of context and interpret them with an extreme brand of literalism that distorts or ignores their vast possibilities of meaning. Even worse, they practice a selective literalism – taking literally those words and phrases that superficially support their agenda, but ignoring Christ’s words whenever they do not.

The Miracles of Kateri Tekakwitha

The first miracle of Kateri Tekakwitha occurred within fifteen minutes after her death. Her face, which had been scarred from Smallpox from the time she was four years old, all of a sudden lost all the scars. She was transformed into the beautiful girl she had been as a child.

Pray That We Hear Gods Whisper in Our Lives

Did you know that God Speaks to us on a daily basis? Yes, but sometimes due to the hectic lives we live these days some people don’t schedule any quiet or prayer time, let alone have time to meditate on Gods words in their lives?

Spoken Word of God is Power For His Children

The word of God is spoken, either directly or through His servants to His children. The word of God during creation was a pronouncement and the word was backed up by a powerful action. When God speaks, an action follows: His command or pronouncement causes reality. God said it and it was done, that is power. He is not a man who can lie or whose word is unstable.

Unequal Yoke – What Does it Mean?

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?” (2Cor.6:14). Christ expects his followers to maintain a close relationship with themselves, especially when it comes to spiritual things, and maintain a lesser one with unbelievers.

Is Popery the Antichrist? Realism in Prophetic Descriptions

The interpretation which has been given in the text of the strongest terms in the apostle’s language respecting the antichrist, by understanding them of a virtual, in contradistinction to a formal and avowed assumption of blasphemous prerogatives, is so much in accordance with the general style of prophecy, and so plainly demanded by the connection, that we cannot refrain from expressing our wonder, at finding interpreters of note still pressing the opposite view. Their doing so must be regarded as another instance of that tendency to literalism, which has wrought such confusion in the prophetical field, and which, at particular…

You Too Can Drive Out Demons!

Deliverance ministry is widely debated in the church today. Is it real? Is it for today? This article makes the case that the answer to both questions is yes and that motivated people can be trained to do it effectively.

Faith Or Fear – Which Controls You?

Faith or fear is a choice you make in any given situation. Learn how you can make operating in faith a habit…

Is My Foot Healed?

After my foot injury I received healing in areas I never expected, like my relationship with others and with the Lord. Today I am a better husband, father and son.

Subway Stations – A Haven For Prophetic Evangelism

Whether you are in Munich, New York, London or Sydney Australia, Subway stations are a haven to practice prophetic evangelism. Let’s have a look at it. If you catch a train it is natural for you to be on the station.

Writing Inspirational Fiction For Christians

I use to think that Fictional Christian Books were a taboo because it was a made up thing but then I consider that they are life events that may not involve us but could involve someone else. To us the story may be fictional but to someone else it may be very real and our story can be helpful to them, it may even hold the answer to what they need.

Practice the Presence

Staying in the present moment can be such a powerful tool in stopping fear. Worry produces fear and staying in the now is the perfect antidote for worry.

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