How to Receive Healing

How to Observe the Kiddush, Including the Kiddush Cup

As most who practice the Jewish faith are aware, the Friday night Kiddush is a most sacred of rituals that needs to be observed with respect, from the challahs to the Kiddush cup. Performed correctly, the ceremony can be truly inspirational, making all who attend feeling even prouder of their Jewish heritage and feeling fortunate to be an active participant in the observance of their faith. In order to ensure that you are performing the ceremony correctly, it is important to pay attention to the details. Here are some guidelines to follow to make sure it goes smoothly.

Once You Start Your Walk With God, Never Look Back (Hebrews 9:4-6)

As the spiritual condition that borrows its name from a physical stiff neck, there is marked unwillingness to change or to improve. Old ways are held on to, even when they are exposed as erroneous and harmful to the individual. The people involved persist in their error and show little no interest of reverting to righteousness. People who behave thus often find that they have moved so far from God’s ways that they can no longer go back to them. Consequently, they often have no alternative but to reap the just retribution for their error.

Agree With Your Adversary Quickly – Matthew 5 Vs 25-26

In Jesus days is seems that time in prison actually paid off debt. I am not sure how it is done. I know that in Civil suits it is best to agree with your adversary outside of the courtroom…

Leave Your Gift There Before the Altar and Be Reconciled to Your Brother – Matthew 5, 23-24

Do you have unforgiveness in your heart and still sing praise and worship in church? Do you have a church that you do not go to because you do not like a brother there? Jesus says to make up with these people.

Psalm 119 – A Theological Monster

There are few chapters of the Bible that effectively shrink-wrap gospel messages both tightly yet comprehensively. Psalm 119 is one the rare ones. Of course, it could be said that its 176 verses gives it a ‘lengthy advantage’ over the rest, but I don’t buy that for one minute.

The Story of Chosun, Part 28

It is the final decade of 19th century Korea, as we pick up the story following – but not quoting – authors Hulbert and Oliver. With pressures to modernize the ancient nation, the King on Korea’s throne, Kojong, initiates some reforms.

Prophecy of the Starving White Child

A few hours ago I had the following vision – I saw small hands trying to grab tiny single bits of grain in their palm. It reminded me a bit of this previous vision here, except it was more like one or two grains hanging in the atmosphere, looking more like illusions of the mind, so the hands would most likely reach out and grab only air, and/or it would be hard to close the ‘fist’ around what was caught in order to keep it.

Being Angry at Your Brother Will Make You in Danger of Judgment – Matthew 5-21-22

What we think is a little thing, Jesus counts as a big thing. Having anger with a person puts us in a position where Jesus says we are in danger of the judgment that is going to take us to hell. Read on…

Old Testament Downloads

There are any number of different types of Old Testament downloads on the internet. First, it is possible to download both text and audio versions of the Old Testament. There are both paid and free versions of the text and audio of the Old Testament. The major difference will be that the free versions are normally those that are out of copyright, like the King James Version or World English Bible.

Lutheran Worship Activity Bags For Children

Many Lutheran congregations struggle with how to keep children engaged in a worship service. Some have solved the problem by ‘streaming,’ having different services for different age groups. But Lutheran worship services have always assumed participation from all nationalities, sexes, and all ages. One way of keeping children occupied in the service is to provide a bag of materials geared to their age, and to the particular service being celebrated.

Defilement & Unity

Inasmuch as we defile the church, God will defile us. It appears that God will give back to us what we give to Him.

How Come All the Really Important People Are Mormon?

Here’s something you didn’t know. Every single signer of the Declaration of Independence, signed July 4th 1776, is a Mormon. If you think that’s unusual, let me mystify you even more. The Mormon religion wasn’t founded until almost fifty years later in 1830.

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