How To Respond When The Devil Visits You Spiritual Warfare, Demonic Attacks! Wars And Rumors Of Wars

5 Steps to an Answered Prayer

If prayer was God’s Idea, then it would stand to reason that He would make it simple enough for us to understand. Even though it is simple, the reasons why so many people never walk in it are vast. This is not something that I got out of a book, or made up. It’s something God showed me through the Holy Spirit, so please read with an open mind and meditate on what you read.

There Is No Remedy But Separation When a Church Is Obstinate in Its Opposition to Biblical Truths

When such a majority is found incorrigibly obstinate in their opposition to any steps towards a thorough reformation, it is evident, that there is no remedy but secession. By such a majority, one great end of church communion, which is, that the truths and institutions of the Lord Jesus may be preserved pure and entire, is avowedly and obstinately opposed; and therefore, in this case, the Lord Jesus, is saying to his people, as in 2 Corinth. 6:17, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate.”

The Evil That We Do Is Our Cross

The evil that we all are capable of, imprisons us and temps us each and every day. Those who say “I know no evil”, are absolute liars and should repent. What is evil? Evil is morally wrong or bad; immoral; or wicked behavior. The ability to cause harm to others, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

The Last Message of Daniel: 8 – How the Syrian Wars Came to Be

The power struggle for Asia continues as the two eastern powers vie for domination. Enter “the king of the North” and “the king of the South.” The Syrian Wars. Great history. Even better prophecy!

How Can Jesus T-Shirts Save America

To most the thought of Jesus t-shirts saving America might seem ridiculous, but for the believers they might take another glance. Determining America’s status and direction and what needs to be done will be our focus point.

The Last Mesage of Daniel: 7 – Prediction of the Successor Wars

The number four plays heavily in the book of Daniel. There is a historical reality all of the indicators point to. It is the breakup of Alexander’s kingdom, as described in this article.

God’s Sanctification and Glorification

The words sanctification and glorification are one of the words that determine the state of God’s threshing floor for His favours, gifts and blessings. It is on this note that I would like to call to mind why some people or Christians fail to grasp when they enter spiritual stagnancy. Invariably the people of God cannot ordinarily know when their prayers are left unanswered. This is so because His people go astray when they are in need of God’s sanctification.

Intriguing Bible Study on Revelation Identifies Who Exactly Is This Great Whore of Revelation 17

The easiest thing to figure out in any Bible study on Revelations 17 is, who is this woman that rides on the beast? Though many prophecy students are aware of the solution to this symbol, very few, if any, seem to have any idea what her real intentions are. A deeper study of the Revelations 17 will show you the true agenda of this great whore.

Bible Study on Revelation 13 – The Shocking Truth About the Two-Horned Beast

Bible study on Revelation 13 is getting more and more interesting. The issue surrounding the two-horned beast is getting more and more controversial. But we don’t have to get stuck in the book of Revelation in order to solve our problems with understanding the issues surrounding the activities of this second beast.

What The Bible Says About Laziness

Inactivity in any action makes a person lazy. A lazy man will never do his work on time, sincerely and accurately.

Koran Burning Reverend: Part II

Here’s a human interest story about the threatened Koran Burning with flow and synchronicity that just has to make you smile. The other day I was driving in New Jersey listening to the radio and a car commercial came on the air. It was Brad Benson, a large volume New Jersey Hyundai dealer selling cars with the ‘best deals available.

What the Bible Says About Gossip?

Nowadays, Gossiping became a hobby for many people. Gossiping about a person or an organization has become a very common habit and no one feels bad about it. The Bible says clearly, in 1 Timothy 5:13, “Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house.

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