HOW to spot a DEMON – 10 symptoms of having a demon

Priests Should Be Permitted to Marry

Priest is no doubt the one whom we admire and respect as long as Christianity is concerned. However, are they a good role model? If we think that a priest should remain as a bachelor for the rest of his life, read on. Mother Theresa once said that a good advice is determined by its echoes. Now let me relate this to the life of a priest.

Is Peace on Earth Realistically Attainable?

My father in law used to say, if there is no war, there will be no peace. In order to achieve mutual understanding between two parties, arguments, fighting and even wars have to take part if peace were to find its existence on this planet earth.

Is Christianity Dying Out?

Christianity is not dying out except our faith. Our faith is eaten alive by time, satanic interruptions and our own regular denials of the exsitence of Jesus Christ. How many of us will wait for the day when Jesus comes back to this world? Think about these two sentences.

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism

The Four Noble Truths are the foundation of Buddhism. In many ways, they are a summary of the overall teachings of the Buddha.

A Response to the Omni Challenge

Talking about God’s omnipotence. Humans in their infinitely deficient knowledge challenge the power and omnipotence of the Almighty saying “if you are powerful, come and stop us!” What a demonstration of emptiness and shallow spiritual understanding!!! Now let’s get a bit logical. Do you know who made the computer?

Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism

The Noble Eightfold Path is a comprehensive path leading to the end of suffering. All the steps are interrelated and dependent on one another. The eight steps can be classified into 3 streams of practice; (a) morality, (b) mental development and (c) wisdom.

Introduction to Theravada Buddhism

Theravada is also known as the “Teaching of the Elders.” This is the earliest surviving form of Buddhism and is commonly found in South and Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Free Bible Study Lessons Can Be Life-Changing!

You have something I need. Actually, it’s something I MUST have. But there’s a problem. You don’t know I need it, and I don’t know that you have it, or that I need it… yet.

Lives Can Be Changed Through Free Bible Study Lessons!

You come into contact with a stranger. He is very friendly, kind, and seems to demonstrate many of the characteristics of a good person. But He doesn’t have what you have, and doesn’t know that he desperately needs it, and you may not realize that he needs it. Hopefully before long in the conversation you’ll realize his need and begin to help him see it for himself. But what is it that you have, and he needs?

Are All the Evangelism Resources Leaving You Bewildered?

Sifting through countless evangelism resources can be overwhelming, and it would be very tempting to simply close one’s eyes and point a finger in order to narrow the choices. But looking through evangelism resources is so much more important than grocery shopping that I can’t just randomly select what looks or sounds appealing on the surface…

Truth – What Does it Mean to Christianity?

On one of the articles I wrote, someone left a comment asking me if I would define truth to them. I told them that I believed truth was something that could be proven and easily explained to almost anyone. This might not make sense to me two years from now, but today the truth is something that has enough satisfactory scientific support and evidence to justify any claims that are made against or for them.

If God Created the Dinosaurs, Why Aren’t They Mentioned Throughout the Bible?

If I was going to write a book about the history of civilized man and deliberately tried to confuse him by writing a book that is extremely difficult to read and understand, why wouldn’t I have thrown the dinosaurs in, just to add a little more drama. It doesn’t take someone with a Ph.D. in philosophy, religion and history to figure out that there are plenty of problems mentioned throughout the entire Bible.

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