HOW TO STAY FREE | Apostle Kathryn Krick

A Harsh Reality of Wisdom

Wisdom is a double-edged sword. It brings us life, but also sorrow. Yet, it’s God will that we work on our learning and grow in Wisdom, abiding in the truth.

Stop Trying, Start Training

We achieve much more lasting change when we focus less on trying and begin to focus more on training. Training ourselves in godliness is the key to a better faith life.

LORD, Forgive Me (For When I Don’t Know What I’m Doing)

We rarely intentionally sin without feeling guilty about it. But we often sin unintentionally, and only realise as we later reflect – as the Holy Spirit reveals it to us. We still feel guilty, and if we don’t think of forgiveness we may continue to feel guilty. But when we think of forgiveness we think almost immediately of restitution – of making things right, as much as we can. That’s the point of forgiveness: to compel us to think, feel and then repent.

Jeremiah’s Prayer for Refuge

We, like Jeremiah, have all felt persecuted – at the whim of bullying, having been targeted through the derision of a group against us; we, as one person. It felt unfair. It felt even as if we had been abandoned; worst of all it appeared God had abandoned us.

How to Instill a Love for Serving in Your Children and Yourself

Jesus said that in order to be great, we should be the servant of all. Let’s instill a legacy of greatness in our children that will reap eternal rewards.

Impossible Biblical Concepts: The Quotable Bible

Our culture is awash with Biblical quotations uttered by Biblical personalities. You can quote God, or Moses, or Jesus, or Noah, or any of the dozens of others from the various chapters and verses in the Bible. The question is how much faith can you muster and attribute to the bona-fide accuracy of those you quote? If you’re really honest with yourself, the answer is bugger-all!

How to Observe the Sabbath As a Christian?

Many Christians want to know whether it is necessary to keep the Sabbath. Some Christians claim that it is unnecessary to keep this commandment because it is the Old Testament law. This is not true because Christian must also obey the Old Testament law.

Holiness or Legalism: How You Can Know The Difference?

Those who strive for holiness will surely be accused of legalism. There hunger for God is often misinterpreted as self-righteous behavior. How can we prevent the path leading to maturity and holiness from being paved with legalism?

Impossible Biblical Concepts: The End Of Days

While many Biblical concepts resonate with the general public, one of the most interesting and personal concepts is the ‘End of Days’ prophecy and the Book of Revelation. Old Testament prophets predicted (speaking on behalf of God) gloom and doom. Jesus has been cited as a deity obsessed with the Apocalypse, forever preaching about the ‘End Times’. Over the following 2100 years, religious fundamentalists have followed suit, dragging the faithful along by their short and curly bits. It’s even spawned a minor publishing industry. Alas, it’s all bovine fertilizer.

Let Us Make A Name For Ourselves

We live in an age permeated by humanism. It has invaded nearly every aspect of our lives. Humanism has brought radical, destructive changes to our institutions, especially the church.

Pleasing the Relational LORD

The LORD tests and searches us, because God is relational. God is far more interested in us relating with him honestly than he is impressed by our works, or our biblical knowledge, or our ministries. There is just one way to life: to live honest and open before God.

Honouring the Ground They Walk On

The command to love one another is not just a good idea. To love one another, and to work together, is the mandate for life. This is no better achieved than by honouring the ground they walk on; to value each and every human being as if ourselves.

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