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What Makes a Man, What Is Being a Man All About? Considering Marriage, Family, and Other Aspects

An attempt to give an explanation of manhood, perhaps as an equal to the Biblical exposition of womanhood found in Proverbs chapter 31. Meant as a condensed, concise, measuring rod of godly manhood.

Fake Ministers and Miracles (2)

Let us see few examples of the operations of these agents of darkness masquerading as servants of God. Fake prophets A fake prophet is a man or woman who says, “Thus says the Lord”, when the LORD had not spoken. And the bible says that cursed is the person who speaks on behalf of God, when God has not sent him or her.

God’s Social Justice Stream – Being a Signee

We believe the gospel is compelling, and yet how much more visible is the gospel (the one ‘preached’ with loving acts of national aid and not sermons) in the hands of social entrepreneurs with a pastoral heart? This is surely the church with a conscience approaching the State’s.

Janmashtmi – Lord Krishna

The festival is to celebrate the birth ceremony of lord Krishna. The festive date falls in the month of August and according to the Hindu almanac, in Bhadrapad.

Fake Ministers and Miracles (3)

One of my pastor friends invited us to a revival programme in their church. There he introduced me to a prophet that ministered that day. After the programme we were in the car going home when the prophet turned and told me I was going to be great minister.

How To Let Complacency In The Church Flourish

Of course this is something no leader wants. But, church members could manage to entrench themselves in being satisfied with complacency so that it’s the norm. Maybe you call it something else (a dry spell), but if you have the same 25 to 39 members for the past 3 years…something is obviously the matter.

Laying on of Hands – What Did Jesus Christ Teach?

Christ by the laying on of his hands teaches Believer to do the same  with compassion; for the little children’s sake; to have faith in God at the touch of his hands; by faith when we touch him we are are healed and by touching Jesus we receive virtue for healing. “So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him,” (Matthew 20:34).

The True Church

I believe I could fill this entire page with just names of different “religions,” or as they are officially classified – denominations. Each are convinced they have the answer – the correct path of this thing we call worshiping God. Many, in fact, most are simple a factional split from one of the others. There are so many it makes one wonder – why? More importantly – as I am asked repeatedly, which is the right church to attend?

How the Jews Fared in New Babylon (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-Nine)

To be a Jew in the Europe of the Middle Ages was an awful thing. Israel’s persecutor in those days was none other than the professing church, started by a Jew and His Jewish followers. Odd, don’t you think?

The Security System of God

This is an article about the protection of God. The World security system is limited, home systems protects the home, auto insurance protects our vehicle but we are not always in our home or vehicle. God’s system protects us everywhere we go 24/7.

The Evolution of the Church (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty)

Imperceptible to first century Christians, as evolution always is, the religion of Jesus was slowly mixed with another religion. Babylon was on its way back.

In and Out of the Church (Scarlet Threads – Part Twenty-Two)

Those who are not born again will show their true colors when the trouble comes. My does the trouble come to the early church. Come to think of it, trouble has come to the church in every generation. But victory is ours!

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