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What Is Christianity?

What exactly is christianity? Many people have never heard of it and may have been exposed to enough Christianity to be inoculated against it. Others may have been influenced by anti-Christian propaganda in the media and in intellectual circles. Regardless of the cause, forming an opinion on Christianity is much harder than reaching someone who has never heard of it. Listed below are some of the basic principles of Christianity. Read on to learn more.

A person must love God with all their strength and understanding. It requires sacrifices on every level. Jesus said to the disciple, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” No one dared ask him any more questions. But he was still very close to his kingdom and he was not far from it.”

In addition to faith, Christians are supposed to be moral and act accordingly. Fasting should be routine. Fasting is an important aspect of Christianity. It helps people realize that they need to be good examples of their faith. Moreover, fasting is a sign of maturity and commitment. This is especially true for those who are still deciding if they should pursue it or not. If you are not yet convinced, try praying with an open heart.

The Bible says that the human being consists of two parts, body and soul. In other words, Jesus came to save souls and human beings, not just the body. This explains why the Bible emphasizes salvation of the soul, rather than physical healing. In fact, twenty to eleven percent of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry report miracles, exorcisms, and physical healings. Those are only the superficial aspects of Christianity.

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