Humanitarian Crisis Update in Kiev, Ukraine from Pastor Henry Madava

Losing Your Life For Jesus Christ

Many people would not willingly give their life up for Jesus. Though many profess to love Jesus and their Savior, few want to serve him as a slave and He be their Master. When it comes down to it most Christians want blessing from Jesus AND blessing form all the world has to offer. They want to serve God and Mammon alike. If you want to serve God alone, I hope that this little article will inspire you.

How to Do What You See the Father is Doing Like Jesus Did on Earth

Many people live their Christian life by guess. Many people love Jesus, want to serve Jesus and would do anything for Jesus with their life, but still walk in the flesh and rarely move by the Spirit. Many people cannot simply wake up in the morning and everything that do for the day be led by the Holy Spirit of God.

The Experience of Being Hidden in Christ – What it Feels Like

Did you ever consider as you have read the psalms of David, that although he was the nations king, had many servants and many might men that fought with him in his army, that he was still desperately alone and no one clearly understood him? Have you ever considered that as the biggest writer of worship songs in the world, perhaps if we want to be called a person after God’s own heart that we might need to go to the place that David was?

An Intimacy That Transforms

Are you ready to be like Jesus? Are you ready to see God’s plan and purpose fulfilled in your life?

A Forgotten Art of Prayer Practiced by Mother Teresa – Do You Pray Like This?

When people pray they most often come to God with a shopping list of things that they want for themselves and for others, few people pray like Mother Teresa… do you? Someone once asked Mother Teresa what she said to God when she prayed. She answered, “I don’t say anything, I listen.”

Flights Grounded Over Europe Due to Volcano – A Prophetic Sign of Things to Come in the Future

It is a rare event when flights over a whole country or a whole continent are grounded for a reason and this has not happened since September 11 in 2001 after the Twin Towers attack. Grounding flights causes so much chaos in the world and we have more to look forward to.

Is the Increase of Earthquakes a Sign of the End of Time and What Else Constitutes Real Signs?

People look at Haiti and Chile and the increase in devastating earthquakes and they ask themselves is this the beginning of the end? There passages that I quote agree that this is one of the signs of the birth pains of the end of days or the end times.

How My Mustard Seed Faith Dramatically Healed 4 People – If I Can Do This Why Can’t You?

We live in a very skeptical West. Many people do not believe in healing in the West and would like documented proof. All I have here is testimony how my little faith, faith that I did not think was great enough allowed the Holy Spirit to work through me.

The Shroud of Turin – Depiction of Jeshua Or Demonic Preview of the Antichrist?

The Shroud of Turin is either a priceless artifact or the prophetic blueprint of the world’s most sinister plot–according to prior prophecies. Seed of ancient Hebrews currently dwelling in Israel in the south offer conclusive evidence as to the features of ancient Hebrews. Professor Hillel’s DNA analyses in “History of a Myth” and “The Golden Fleece Found” give scientific evidence as to the identities and racial makeup of most ancient Hebrews, including those earliest Judeo-Christian converts of Jeshua.

The Blood of Jesus!

Jesus told those who were listening that in order to live they had to eat His flesh and drink His blood (John 6:53). That seems insane today as much as it did two thousand years ago; and it is because a person cannot fathom how the flesh and blood of a man can give eternal life.

Holy Angels

A brief history and explanation of Angels and how they relate to the Christian faith. Included is an introduction into Angelic rankings, duties and some additional theories.

The Maturation of the Spirit Among Us

This article discusses the maturation of the spirit among us. The spirit now gathers spiritual resources by his/her own. He/she is no longer dependent on religious ministers or teachers for her spiritual nourishment, but on God himself and on him alone.

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