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Bible Board Games To Enjoy Bible Stories

There are so many ways wherein we can enjoy ourselves even with the most difficult to understand things. Some of us find Bibles hard to understand and some would even find it hard to give some time to read it. But others would still want to learn what may be the contents of the bible, and so they created ways in which they will enjoy the bible at the same time learning what the contents of it are.

Does God Determine The Bad Things That Happen In The World?

A common question for those considering the existence of God is whether or not God has anything to do with all the bad things that are happening around the world today. Many people will submit the idea that a “loving God” would never have anything to do with bad things happening to “good people.” This is a false premise that stems from a total lack of understanding about what the Bible teaches about the nature of God and the nature of man.

Should A Woman Submit To Her Husband?

Both the husband and wife must understand that a Christian husband is simply a messenger. And both must act out of love for the other.

Why Did God Create Satan If He Knew What The Devil Would Do?

As a pastor, I get asked, quite often actually, why God created a devil if He knew all the evil Satan would do. A corresponding question is why did God create the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? After all, if God hadn’t created the tree, then Adam and Eve couldn’t have sinned! This article attempts to give a logical and rational explanation to these questions.

A Wood Buddha Statue Metaphor Teaches Us Of Our Priceless, Eternal Heritage

I like the sensation of running my fingers over the smooth finish of a wood Buddha statue. It is an organic, warm and grounding experience; different than the cold touch of a Indian bronze or Thai brass Buddha statue. For me, a wood Buddha statue is also like a metaphor of humanity.

Four Japanese Buddha Statues Of Most Impressive Stature

When a person thinks of Buddha or Buddhism we typically think of India, Indonesian or Thailand… but the Buddhist Art found in Japanese Buddha Statues is very impressive. In fact, the statues of Lord Buddha in Japan are such impressive icons, as stand alone art and edifices, they attract devotees and regular tourist a like.

The “Empty Chair” Teaching of Buddha And – A Bronze Buddha Statue Combined

Do any of you remember seeing the movie: The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, where he fights the temple guardian– A 15 foot tall, six armed, bronze statue of Kali; with each hand having a sword, dagger or shield in it? I may not have the “facts” about that scene totally accurate, but I can remember my feelings just like it were yesterday. I believe the Lord Buddha also challenged his followers in his “Empty Chair Teaching” that it was Ok to forget what he looked like and better to remember what His Teachings FELT like; because there-in the feeling energy lies the freeing ability. This inspiring and playful article will assist you in returning to the center of your feeling’s intelligence!

An Anthropomorphic Standing Buddha Statue And Its Predecessors in Buddhist Art

There are two types of a standing Buddha Statue. A. Anthropomorphic- meaning the statue has identifiable features that both tell a story and help to place the location and date of when and where it was created.

Did Jesus Christ Die For Everyone?

A huge debate in the Christian community today is whether or not Jesus Christ died for every single human being or only a specific group of people which the Bible calls “God’s Elect.” Those who claim that “God is love” and ignore all of his other attributes will always say that a loving God must have died for everyone. There are a vast number of problems with this belief if one is to claim to believe in the Bible and wants to remain consistent.

How to Maximize Church Leadership Training

Leadership training is defined as a directed effort to hone the skills and talents of leaders and would-be leaders, allowing them chances to grow, learn and change. This is done in order for them to function effectively in the organization.

The Role of Religion in Freemasonry

Freemasonry is a world-wide movement of like-minded men who, following different forms of Ritual enhanced by Allegory and Symbolism, strive to improve themselves whilst helping others in an humanitarian, constructive manner. The modern form of Freemasonry, based on rituals and traditions gathered and handed down by active masons, was first recognized as a group in London in 1717 when several small Lodges combined to form the first Grand Lodge but attained its present form only after 1813, when the two main branches of Freemasonry – the Ancients and the Moderns – settled their differences and combined to form the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

How to Create a Church Strategy

A successful and dynamic church will only be achieved with the right strategy. Although one strategy may not be applicable to all churches, there are common approaches that make for a healthy growing church.

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