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Religions, False Gods And The Mother of Harlots

Religions born of sun-worship have stolen the minds of those who believe them. The cover-up and conspiracy put in place by that established by Constantine have strengthened the wall of confusion and is responsible for the trouble the world is facing.

Cure for Loneliness

Are being alone and being lonely the same thing? What is the real cure for loneliness?

Constantine Stole The Name of God

The confusion over the name of God has spawned hundreds of religious branches whereby each profess to know the truth over others. The facts are that none of them see the reality of the false gods they worship and the evil they promote.

What Is The Day Of The Lord?

This is a description from the renamed Old Testament about a period important in the laws and knowledge given to the tribes of Israel. It has been glossed over and almost forgotten about in the religious sense because of the New Testament. To understand the meaning behind it the Spirit gave me visions and commissioned me to remove the wall that hides the facts as the real God intended them to be known.

Why Women Suffer Religious Discrimination

Women suffer intolerable discrimination and abuse at the hands of religious followers who believe they are not worthy of respect. This is becoming even more prominent as we near the end of days and the time when it will change.

Revelations About Good Friday And Easter

The religion of Babylon is the root of all modern faiths as their iconography and practices display. Through years of research and with memory of reincarnation it was no surprise when the Spirit asked me to tear down the wall that was built out of dreams and which hides the real God.

The Eye-Star of Islam And The Religions It Spawned

The identifying icon of all religions emerged from Babylon which spawned them. The five-point or seven-point star is hard to miss as it sits over churches in one form or another and its name has never changed.

That Special Someone – A Friend

We all need friends. Those special people in our lives can help us get through most anything.

Religious Blindness Defeats Spiritual Healing

Those who are spiritually healed are searching for truth and are afraid to turn their backs on religion. While religious leaders teach that healing is available through them it is rare and usually not permanent. Only the Spirit can heal with total restoration of health and that is what the two beasts hid from view.

Do You Love God?

Do you want to live the kind of life God wants for you? If so, that life needs to start with loving Him. Then you have to put Him first in your life.

Why the Song “The Cross Before Me The World Behind Me” Is Wrong

Jesus NEVER said put and keep the cross before you. He said take up your cross and follow me. I don’t know how you can keep the Cross before you when you have it on your back and are following the risen Lord forward.

External Proof of the Scriptures

View it from Its inside or from Its outside. Consider Its message, Its effects. The Book is of Divine origin!

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