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Is Islam a Synonym to Terror?

This is a question that would more or less get affirmative answers from all across the world. However, this article tends to give a “NO” as an answer to the question.

Closer to You O God

Every word of the scripture was authored by Him. Every word in it needs to be magnified before our eyes by Him. he colours are lovely. They are so distinctive and beautiful. Behold! It is as clear as a crystal.

Did God Edit the Bible? If So, Why Was So Much Scripture About Jesus Left Out of the Bible?

Just how valid is the bible, and by who’s authority? Maybe God did not authorize any editing of the bible. Is it possible that the bible is a clever deception?

Religion, Apathy, and Your Soul

In our society it seems more and more people are less passionate about their religion and allegiance to their church, than they are to entertainment, sports, and politics. How will churches and religious leaders overcome the religious apathy in the world and the affects it has on the soul of the individual?

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – Matthew 5:4

Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted. When Jesus began to understand the Law and the prophets as a young boy, He began to mourn. Mourning in this sense in this scripture verse is to be able to see the injustice in the society that you are in.

Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit – Matthew 5:3

You don’t have to be on a low income to be poor in spirit. The people in the world that live on less than a dollar a day can be the opposite of poor in spirit and a millionaire can be poor in spirit. Read on.

Blessed Are Those That Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness – Matthew 5:6

Oh what a wonderful world we would live in if all the people of the world thirsted for God to help them always be right in all that they do! Oh what a world it would be if the church was really pressing into God to be holy! A short article about this passage.

Blessed Are the Merciful – Matthew 5:7

In this world full of hustle and bustle with people looking out for number one, we are not really taught to be merciful. The Spirit of the Lord is a good teacher of mercy. The Lord Jesus’ heart is full of mercy. Let’s have a look at being merciful.

Blessed Are the Meek – Matthew 5:5

Once again a scripture that is not understood by many people and one that could do with some of my words. Have you ever wondered who the meek are and whether you are going to inherit the Earth? Read on.

Who Said It? Fun Bible “Quotes” to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Have you ever wondered what Jonah really said while he was in that whale? Present these fun “quotes” to your kids and see if they can guess who said them.

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini – America’s Patron Saint of Immigrants

As debates rage nationally and locally over immigrant’s rights, we are well served to remember that – ultimately and with very few exceptions – all Americans are immigrants in one form or another. At the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal, the American ideal is reflected eloquently in a poem by Emma Lazarus that begins: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Ideology and dialogue alone, however, provide little visible relief to immigrants. Help often comes from individuals, and for many Italian immigrants in late 19th America, this support came from Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Prayer Under Stress

I hear people from time to time talk about their boss and what a mean person they are. I hear others talk about not wanting to work at a company because the boss is not a Christian. What about Daniel’s boss?

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